2000pts Northern Alliance - 1st list build, advice appreciated

Hi all,

This is my first ever KoW 3rd Edition List so appreciate any and all advice you can give. Apologies don’t have the book on me and can’t remember all the unit and item names.

2000pts list

Half Elf Berserk Regt - Pathfinder
Half Elf Berserk Regt - Boots Striding
Half Elf Blade Champ - Snow Fox, Blade of Beast Slayer
2 X Snow Fox Swarms
Huscarl Regt
Clansman Horde
Frostfang Horde
Ice Mage with Blizzard and Bane Chant
Lord on Chimera with mace of crushing
Lord with boost to wild charge and magic item that boosts range of aura.

I don’t have much shooting except the blizzard spell and Chimera but the goal is to be in hand to hand by turn 2 at the latest. Considering dropping one unit of berserkers to grab two bolt throwers or a unit of elf huntsmen and something else to buff the shooting up.



Looks decent, but then I’m not an experienced player, so my opinion is worth what you pay for it :wink:

At least I see no major issue there, so you should put it on the table, and see how it goes!

Think the best idea this early in v3 is just give it a try and see how it works.

There is some pretty heavy hitting stuff in their, you have a reasonable solid centre with clansem & huscarls and the chimera is a beast.

Let us know - I’m painting random stuff rather than list building at the moment