2020 overview

As the year comes to an end, whatever else can be said of 2020 was that it was at least productive from a modeling front!

It wasn’t quite more armies painted than games played, but not far off it!

Extra units were added to existing armies, while the early lockdown gave rise to a Dark Age Varangur army and a Sylvan Kin list (now diversifying into FoN).

Have some halflings lined up for 2021, along with a rebased/revamp of my initial KoM force from the start of v2 days.

Here’s a few bits and pieces from across the year.

As ever, thanks for the comments throughout and the inspiration from all the contributors - whether full army blogs or just the occasional model.


With the Luggits gang and the Rabble hoard I’ve yet to build, it’ll bring me up to over 4000 points of Goblinz…a productive 2020…plus 3000 Northern Alliance and another 3000 converted Orcs.