2021 overview

Here’s a collection of random stuff I got up to this year!

Started the year with Armada (still haven’t actually played it!)

Then finished the green/tree thing.

Doing an actual mantic KoW model was odd(!) but epic sculpt. [I kitbash so much, esp as often human armies, not a slight on them]

Then rebased and added stuff to an old empire army (KoM, Brothermark)

Then some cheap and cheerful undead

Next halflings

Orcish stuff to end the year


Bonkers. Just showing off now.



I didn’t stick the full undead army up! :wink:


Don’t hold back!


This is some of it!


Should I rename the thread to: ‘Don’t look at it, will make you feel bad and lazy!’? :wink:
Seriously, a great achievement. Fantastic armies/armadas!


Cheers mate!

I have a painting style that suits doing armies, rather than individual models etc and lots of the contributors here are waaayyyy better painters than I will ever be.

I posted once (slightly tongue in cheek) along the lines that “thinning paints, blending, a wet pallet, edge highlight, layer coats, nmm and OSL were all techniques I didn’t use” but it is basically true!

Pretty much everything is black undercoat, drybrushed a couple of shades of brown, base/contrast, touch of wash, drybrush/highlight.

KoW gave me a kick to do unit basing, so the army(s) are consistent, and the basing makes stuff work and is usually what makes me decide on an army!

Kitbashing is a go to, as is trying to make sure the models are built clean and mold line free etc.

While I do tournaments, I’m a casual gamer at heart - go for the atmosphere and meeting people and playing games - so armies get build on the basis of what I like, have an interesting idea for or find an impulse buy. Armies get to about 3-4k then I think about lists!


No need to defend yourself. It’s impressive what you did over the year and it’s a pleasure to follow your progress. Keep it going!

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Stuff you see online can put people off painting if they can’t match standards - which is why I accept what I can do and embrace it.

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Don’t play your painting down like that. The overall look and feel of an army is much more important than the individual model. I learned that too. Only recently actually, that’s why my Undead are my only painted army even if I play TTs since the 90s!


Sounds like someone’s been busy! I’m with you: I’m all about painting quickly to bring units to the gaming table (which, annoyingly, I don’t get to as often as I’d like - so like you it seems, many of my toys wait in their respective boxes for the chance to shine on the tabletop!). But your models look great, speed painting (especially with tricks like Contrast paints) can still look great!



I do all the painting tricks you mentioned and your miniatures are still better than mine.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Is anyone ever happy with their own work? Maybe that’s the day you hang up the brush.

By the way - we have exactly the same way of building armies. Paint two hundred miniatures that you like and then worry about lists. :+1: