20K POINTS! preparation

Getting the board ready. 10K per side! Legendary battles! With Grand Allies!!! Will be playing November 11th cant wait!!!


Dont mind all of the background junk of my garage…


Looks glorious.


Getting a chance to play with some painted models that have never even seen a table and have been painted for years!! Can’t Wait!!!


Adjusted the game to 8k vs 8k fit the table better…


Good (Elves & Basilea) Vs. Evil (Abyssal dwarves, League of Rhordia, Ratkin, Ogres, Sylvan Kin) It was glorious… 12 Hour game… Ended in a draw… Insanity.


12 hrs? Yikes. Were I in your shoes, that’s a lot ofntime for the wife-aggro to build.

Looks awesome though!

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@Greven 16k is MASSIVE!!! Love it!!! There is almost as much stuff in your garage as there is on the table… :smile: Also for a 12hr marathon i hope there was drinking involved…

Ps if i need a window mount air-conditioner ill let u know mate :wink:


Haha!!! Yes garage is a disaster! I had to move everything “out of the way” to make room for the table! I have a business out of the house and 3 kids… Garage falls down the priority list…

But back to the game, yes we started at noon with a 1oz shot each of “fireball” for 2 reasons, one being that I had a mage with fireball 16 (war wizard from basilea with diadem lol) and the other reason being that it would help “ease the pain” of deployment!

But yes there was some beer + pretzels! Many breaks and it was an overall “friendly” game. Many many mistakes made on both sides and we had some good laughs.

Would do again 100%, we agreed 6k points would have been a bit better (8k there was so much that all tactic was out the window… But that was kind of the point.

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Well… Yes wife aggro 100% but I planned way in advance so she was able to plan an escape with the kids for part of the day… And the 12 hours was for a very relaxed game. We took over an hour for deployment alone. We are friends (at least we were until we played this game lol) so we end up distracted just talking alot…