2k Kingdoms of Men Army

Hello all,

Presenting my 2k Kingdoms of Men army. It has been about 2 years in the making (and painting), and represents a fairly small part of my overall planned KoM army. The army is definitely more fluffy than competitive, my friend and I basically just play for fun, with a relaxed approach to list building (pretty much anything goes, so long as it’s fluffy and believable). We recently played our first ever fully painted game, so I also wanted to choose a nice range of units, as well as testing a couple out which I hadn’t used before, such as the Pole-Arms Block. I struggled to meet the deadline in the end, so there are a few units in definite need of finishing, like the Knights and the Militia.

This army is mainly made up of old GW Empire models, with a few newer bits here and there. I still have a few more units to add, 2x Knight hordes, Mounted Sergeants reg, Arquebusier horde plus some more artillery . And that’s just the GW stuff… loads of Fireforge medieval, Gripping Beast vikings, Warlord Games Landsknecht and some Stormcast dudes still to do as well!

I chose blue and light grey for the overall colour scheme. Red is supposed to signify veteran troops and/or unit commanders. To break up the blue a bit I decided to include some units with alternate colour schemes, reminiscent of the Empire armies of old(hammer). I think the other parts of the overall army are going to include some more colour schemes: either red/black or mustard/black or mustard/red for the Fireforge, green and grey for the vikings (Rohan-ish) and the Landsknecht will be done in variants of the other colour schemes.

Please excuse the dodgy highlights :slight_smile:

Group Shot


The Sigurdian Hornets - Arquebusiers

Bowmen (not in the 2K list)

Foot Guard with Two Handed Weapons

Foot Guard with Swords and Shields

Pole-Arms Block

Militia Mob

Spear Phalanx

Honour Guard

Knights 1

Knights 2

General on Winged Beast

General on Winged Beast

Wizard on Pegasus and Cannon


That looks great!

I still like that old cannon. Great work!

Awesome army, super classic Empire look :clap:

Cheers guys, much appreciated :slight_smile:

that’s a fantastic looking army, but does Asarnil know that the emperor has stolen his dragon?

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Well spotted and thanks :grinning: he is currently unaware… Mr Franz is only pinned on though, so technically he’s just borrowing it.


Lovely old school style army