3000point KoM+3000pt Salamanders vs 4000pt Orcs + 2000pt goblins

The grand Alliance. 6000pts a side. The armies selection was as follows: no more than two independent valid lists from compatible armies. Each seperate army can be of any value providing that together they total no more than 6000pts.

So we have 3000pt Salamanders and 3000pt Kingdoms of Men versus 4000pt Orcs and 2000pt Goblins.

Board is 9.5 feet wide and 6 feet deep.

We are playing dominate.

The day so far. 10am set up scenario, run through lists and deployed. Then it was 1:15pm- time for lunch!

Played turn one and finished at 3pm for the Australian Rules Football Grand Final.

Back on Monday for turn 2!

Here are some picks up until the end of today’s play.


Not only in quantity, but also in quality.
The terrain looks fantastic and it is woefully rare not to see unpainted miniatures in games like this.

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Wow! Great photos. Rooting for the Men & Sallies!

(I’m v jealous of the whole set up you’ve got there)

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I’m lucky to have a dedicated space but I don’t get to play enough. Especially in COVID lockdowns. We’re in the most locked down city in the world!

Love your gaming and the videos are very cool

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