3e Basing Information

Hey guys,

Hope this is allowed/in the right place, I was having trouble finding the new basing names etc so I made a table with the basing for the standard inch scale, a conversion to cm scale (using 1/2.5) and PMC and figured I would share it here as well.

Here is also a table for converting to a smaller scale (circa 10~15mm), in which the speed is measured by cm instead of inch (for simplicity everything is divided by 2.5 instead of 2.54). I included it because I saw some old posts around the web for this scale for second edition, and I use it for testing out units before purchasing. This is -not- an official scale.

Thanks to FredOslow, AlQuds and MithralCoyote for the feedback!


I think your names/numbers are way off. :slight_smile:
You list the mm numbers as inches and your cm number means nothing as far as I can understand.


Whoops that’s indeed not clear . They are both in mm, the inch/cm is the distance equal to 1 speed! I’m make it clearer and repost it when I get the chance.

What do you mean, equal to one speed?
I suggest you just keep the mm measurement plus the PMC.

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My understanding is that the SPD = cm columns should have all numbers divided by 10. Then, they would (approximately) represent the base lengths in inches if 1 inch is (approximately) taken as 25mm. As Speed is also expressed in inches I guess it is what @Morofang means by measuring the base in “speed units”. However, it should be noted that in reality 1" = 25.4 mm, so the base sizes in inches are slightly smaller. It is sometimes useful to think about the unit base sizes in inches when one considers charges that involve pivoting a unit 1" away from the enemy unit. I also guess that the odd factor of 10 comes from the cm to mm conversion but find it quite confusing in this respect.

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Good idea, I directly copied my table which I use for both real (official scale) and unit testing scale (based off of some 10-15mm scale info from the 2nd edition) which isn’t useful for most people. I made a simplier table and included the other one as an extra.

Exactly. Though I agree its confusing and honestly it was mostly for myself anyway so I made a new table without it and just left the extra as an edit.

Thank you guys for the input!

i would suggest just adding a “1 inch = 25mm” notation in a corner for reference, and leave out the ‘speed equivalency’ stuff from the chart, merely giving the base sizes in millimeters. (mm)
as it is, the speed thing is just a confusing bit of detail.

but having a handy reference to the needed base sizes is useful. may i also suggest adding a column for FMC “full model count” alongside PMC “preferred model count” as well as adding a notation as to what the abreviations FMC and PMC mean. this will give the players info on what range each size has in regards to mantic-legal models per base counts, plus giving the info needed for people bringing over their individually based figures from other games that don’t want to multibase right away.


Good idea, I included it now in the new table (took a while to find the time)! Just leaving the old as is because I don’t think many people will use it anyway.


Your table now is quite useful. Nice to have a referance for the preferred model count. :slight_smile: