3rd Ed. FAQ and Errata released

Link here. Not sure how long this has been out, actually, but I just noticed it today and I can’t see other topics on it.

Plenty of simple fixes (I seriously doubted Ogre Warrior Regiments had a nerve value of 12/24), but some interesting changes for Dwarf players - no need to rebase those Sharpshooters to infantry (they are confirmed heavy infantry), and the Greater Earth Elemental has 12 attacks vs 10, putting it on an even footing with the FoN one.


Likewise the Greater Obsidian, IIRC

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Those ones mentioned above were really just correcting errors rather than any sudden change by the RC (the gee on to correct discrepancy between units and the sharpshooter errata to mirror them up with the actual unit).

Barring the Withdraw/Disengage thing (which is clear but loose terminology/phrasing by players seems to be causing confusion) and the changes to how hills act as cover, it seems to be pretty well worked rules wise.

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Anything profile changes that are listed as errata are actual mistakes that everyone missed when comparing to the master sheet. They should have been that way in the first place.

I doesn’t seem to matter how many people and professional editors and proof readers go over something. There will always be things not spotted sadly.