3rd Edition Hobby Projects

Since all I want to do is make army lists, but cannot until I get my book next week. What are everyone’s hobby projects they want to start?

After updating my current Ogre, EoD, and Greek KoM/Basilian armies for the new edition, I am going to finally start my Celtic themed Varangur using Victrix Gauls that I’ve been gathering over the years.

Kingdoms of Men Roman Army (core figures) followed by a Viking themed Northern Alliance Army.


I will probably keep plodding along with my Undead. But I have an unassembled Basilean army in a box that will get done once I figure out my basing scheme. I also want to make an evil tree army to be buds with my Undead. Mantic’s Forest Shamblers are kind of fugly so that might be on hold for a while. Everyone says you can use whatever minis you want but more and more, not using Mantic models reduces what awards you can win at events. Which I get, but I am kind of a model snob and I dislike ugly miniatures, especially when there are so many beautiful ones out there these days.


I would play an all Mantic army, but nothing has jumped out at me. I do like the NA, but need to see more.

Like more poses? LoL


Hahaha. Exactly, I like the Ice Troll or Ice Elemental, but 3 of the same pose. Nah.

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Yeah they are way cool for Vanguard but seeing them ranked up just looks like garbage to me. All I see is hours of converting just to make them look passable. Totally ruins my suspension of disbelief.

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Some tourneys only have a “full mantic painting award”; no other awards that have this requirement, right?
Anyhows, I wouldn’t buy models I don’t like. There’s a lot of gorgeous stuff out there!

Edit: My hobby progress has ground to a halt a bit, as I’m eagerly awaiting Mantic’s 3rd edition book. That said, I’ll probably update my undead armies be it either regular undead or empire of dust. I feel a custom built Goreblight on the horizon somewhere. There’s also my goblins and abysstals that could be expanded if I feel inspired by these armies.

Other than that I really hope that, come armies of panithor, I’ll be inspired by Kingdoms of Men, League of Rhordia and/or Brotherhood again. While my undead army is impressive, my yellow-black former WHFB empire army has been my main for years. During KoW2 I’ve been disappointed with them too often so it’s been in storage for a while now. Part of it has been upgraded to mybrotherhood army recently, but I really woudl ike to invigorate my KoM infantry again.

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Once I get the rulebook, I’ll flesh out my Undead. I have a lot in store. When Terrain Crate 2 (with cheap cemetery terrain) arrives I will build a ghoul horde (hoping they become more useful). But I think I’ll make a little break from KoW Undead and paint Vanguard minis and terrain.

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Ghoul troops were always very useful. Hordes -not so much.
I built my hordes as 4 troops (picture here) which gave me the flexibility to use either 2 hordes, 4 regiments or 6 troops and one regiment which works really well.

My ghouls were built as lower abyssals in my abyssal army ; yet the idea of the ruined temple is still valid even as ghouls.


I find I do a ton of hobby planning / scheming these days, as I have less time to hobby and really dislike being at work (where I can’t hobby). Here’s what I’m looking at for KOW:

  1. Trident Realms Redux - This is the army I just finished late Sept, going back to add wyrmrider horde (for unlocks), couple heroes, couple swarm regiments, maybe a coral giant; also rebasing gigas :face_with_head_bandage:
  2. Nightstalkers - Dark fae theme with lots of eevil tree creatures, and with no 3E book to mess with re:TR I actually got a start on a basic scarecrow scheme recently:
  3. Ogres - I feel like I should finally build the ogres I bought years ago but didn’t appeal to me in 2E. I’m waiting on Mierce to release a couple more giants I kickstarted, however it seems like I’ve got time, plus I hear you can play KOW under 2000 points too …
  4. Ratkin Redux - I played Skaven in WHFB and Ratkin in the pre-COK days of 2E. Rats are probably my most competitive army, even the extremely down-tuned ones I was running. I’ve already built the models for the late-2E redux, curious to see how the army ends up in 3E.
  5. Skorne - A KOW army (most likely Twilight Kin) built from the WarmaHordes Skorne range. I dearly love Skorne but don’t care much for WMH any more, so this is a love letter to a faction I’d like to keep alive in another theater. Lots of WMH stock is liquidating this year, so I’m amassing the infantry I’ll need for a vastly different game. This is pretty much intended to be my last and final KOW army, or army in general, that I hope to hobby on for some time.
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@Vince That’s a very good idea! I’ll copy that partly, but I think I’ll do one regiment nonetheless and two troops (already got one, so probably 1) for multibasing reasons.

I’m going to post a few of my projects because I was totally inspired by the amazing armies as Masters this year. Completely changed my perspective on the community.

I like having variety and playing with different techniques so I progressively starting changing over my WH fantasy armies this year. I started with making a Kingdoms of Men army with Dwarf models. I wanted a berserker horde. Followed that up with Trident Realm and Nature. Tail of 2018 I had Dust, Elves, and Nightstalkers in a playable fashion. Since Ive disassembled the Nightstalkers and I’m waiting to see all the unit options and changes. I’ve been slowing collecting Abyssals for the last 6 months. I recently ordered the movement trays which are a Flurecent hot orange color. I followed up with my second Elves army which is based on Crystal Song forest from WoW. Also used for my Nature army so I can share models. I have a giantic Bretonnia army that I can play both Basileans, KoM and Brotherhood. We will see what the rules hold. I around April2019 I built a side project Water elemenal army that never hit the table. Same with my Undead. I havent played with undead since pre-Uncharted Empires first release. I have rebuilt an army and I’m hoping to play with it for the first time in 3-4 years. :rofl:

I’ve been collecting models for years so its not like they were sponaneously purchaed. Thought it was interesting enough to movitate others, even it it was just one army to complete.

I also have Kin, Abyssals, and Brotherhood/Basileans not pictured. I havent decided how I wanted to base them and the colors and of the landscape.

Trident Project



Abyssal Dwarfs and Kingdoms of men

Ogres (Stormcast - under 300$ “show me a budget project” )

Night Stalkers



Wow! That is quite the set of projects. I feel unproductive!


Before Masters this year in Feb19 all I had painted was this army. Being only one basic color with shading, I spent far more time with the landscape then the models.

Masters Army Empire of Dust ( Army of the Dead )

But to close out the V2 Edition I went with Goblins that I picked up in July 2019


As things stand I will have two v3 legal armies (dwarfs and abyssals) - neither of which I’d used in v2. Have a couple of iron guard units for the former to paint, but otherwise will give what I’ve got a try out before buying/building new units.

A decent chunk of my Varangur was barbarian style, so will do a bunch of the NA stuff (getting the 2 player set and have bits from vanguard), plus other suitable style models. Will go back and ‘ice up’ the existing basing. On top of that will be any extra stuff when the Varangur list drops.

Once the second book drops the various KoM armies will get some more love and attention. I’ve already got xbow and arquebusier hordes to paint, along with 2 further pike hordes and some cavalry.

I’ve got a WiP Arab style army, which may go (or at least include) rhordia elements (1/72 Persians) and have a load of camel riders & elephants to paint for them, along with a pike horde and a mumak to fit in somewhere/how

I also want to do a mantic ogre army (the berserkers care lovely models) and an undead pirate themed list


Fantastic Sceleris. Is that a Blue water elemental?

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Better than a blackwater Elemental. Icky

In the 2nd picture?

It’s a reaper bones fire elemental, being used as some weird monster thing - probably Chroneas in the abyssal list!

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Currently painting my Mongolians KoM force. I have a lot of plastic Gnolls from Northstar that I will be using for a Herd force.

I am also very tempted by doing either an Dwarf or Elf force using Oathmark miniatures, as they look very nice, and are also light of the wallet.

If Mantic make more Salamander models, I may also pick up a force for them.

Other than the models that I currently have a lot of my future projects are tied into what changes 3rd brings. Still holding out for the Gamers edition of the rulebook, and then AoP. So sadly may be a few more months of having to wait… which does allow me more time to get painting, so swings and roundabouts I guess.