4000 pt Kingdoms of men vs Orcs

So tonight we set the table for a 4000 pt Kingdoms of Men vs Orcs game. The table is 9ft by 6ft which makes for some great deep deployment. Here is the table prior to deployment.


The scenario is going to be Push.

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impressive battlefield, look forward to the rest of it

Agreed. The battlefield looks excellent. Roll on the battle…

Here is a link to my first attempt at a video battle report. CC welcome. https://youtu.be/gmcjeiF0AdM4000 pt Kingdoms of men vs Orcs

Nice video. I liked the beginning hearing each side’s tactics, and I loved the huge table and armies.
Maybe showing a list of the troops on the screen would have been good (your poor orcs needed some shooting btw :joy:).
You may have said the scenario and I missed it, but definitely include that.
I also like seeing the pleasure and pain of the die rolls, but that would obviously increase the length massively, so not sure if you want to include that
Just my thoughts… But keep the reports coming regardless :+1:

Thanks, great feedback. We plan on putting together another video at 1000pts in the near future. We will incorporate your feedback.

Good bat rep!

Personally I liked it being a good length and the discussion & shots of the models is MUCH more interesting than watching dice rolls (which is not my thing at all!).

Feedback seems to be that 30min is about the sweet spot.