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Am I missing something? I can’t find the rules listings for the Sylvan Kin. I heard that bringing a Wiltfather into your Nightstalkers army is a good idea, but I can’t find his stats in the rule book. Help?

Sylvan Kin and other theme lists are in Uncharted Empires, the book of extra army lists.

Check out EasyArmy, the Mantic approved online list builder.


Thanks :+1: was having trouble finding an answer on my own

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Since CoK 2022 you aren’t allowed to ally with the Wiltfather anymore.

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Oh… was wondering why EasyArmy wouldn’t let me ally with the Sylvan Kin…

You can’t ally in units from Theme lists, of which SK are one, but CoK22 also brought in a rule banning allied units from taking unique or limited upgrades (so you can’t ally the WF in from FoN)