500 points Marauders vs Enforcers

Mauritz’ Enforcers vs my Marauders. 500 points. Scenario number one (no scenario).

Quick walkthrough from my perspective:

Above: My Goblin Gun Track and Hulk walk up on the hill and fire their long range HEW beams on the Assault Enforcers. They kill 2 soldiers.

Above: My Marauder Warlord is feeling too brave for his own good. He sprints forward, and is shortly afterward peppered by both a unit of Enforcer Operatives and the rest of the unit of Assault Enforcers. He takes 3 damage and is left standing on only 1 HP! Ouch!

Above: I was feeling clever and had run my unit of Mawbeast up on the flank of his army. They tried for a 15" sprint, but the Enforcer Operatives did they charge reaction (basically “stand and shoot”) and simply killed all 5 of the Mawbeasts… doh! This taught me a few lessons on how to better plan for an Assault (either wait for the target to be activated first, or shoot at them first with a Blaze Away attack so they become pinned, or send in something tankier first to take the shots).

Above: on my left the Assault Enforcers want to finish off the injured Warlord. They manage to fail to damage him, and take one casualty in return, promptly retreating back again! And my Warlord, being the victor, was awarded a 3" consolidation move which finally got him back behind the tallest ridge of the hill and not visible from the enemies on the ground.
On the right, my Ripper Maulers actived the Command which gave them 3" extra Sprint distance plus a combat boost, so just tore through the unit of Enforcer Operatives which were standing there, wiping them out completely. This cost me 2 command points, and fortunately they have the rule Advanced Training which allows them to use command points on Orders even when they are outside of range (12") from the commander.
Forgot to mark: my Hulk gets killed by a unit of Enforcer Operative who activated the Firestorm command power to get a lot of firepower for that one attack.

Above: on the left, the Assaut Enforces try AGAIN to assault my Warlord. My Warlord continues to kill them both and do a consolidation move 3" to the right. What a champion!!
My Goblin Gun track fires on the Peacekeeper Captain (I forgot to say that it also shot off a Peacekeeper in an earlier turn) and does a few points of damage.
A unit of Enforcer Operative turn around and shoot at my Ripper Maulers who had appeared behind their lines - no problem, they simply shot them dead! (I thing they used a command point or two to get some extra firepower).
But as retaliation, my Marauder Brawlers use two command points to supercharge their fighting abilites (+AP2 and Vicious) and assault them, and wipe them all out!

Above: suddenly alone and with only 1HP left, the Enforcer Captain uses the command power which allows to move again after shooting, so he moves, shoots at my Brawlers but fails to do damage, and then moves to hide behind the building. Safe from my Gun track, he hopes to draw me into an assault one unit at a time so he has the most chance.
But my Brawlers have had it, and uses two command points to supercharge their fighting again, runs around the building, and gets Hindered while running over the crates but that does not stop them from inflicting the last HP and killing the Peacekeeper Captain.

Win to the Mauraders, I suppose! No objectives to count, and I had more dudes left at the end. :slight_smile: