8k Legendary Battle - Rats & Varangur v Humans

Photo-dump of 8k legendary game with Nick Oftime and Will.

Abyssal Dwarfs, Ratkin and Varangur v Brothermark, Rhordia and KoM.

Immortal & huscarl hordes and two big gribbly monsters on one side from the ‘design your own’ rules v pike legion and radiance/CoD shrine type thing on the other.

Channelling tables are silly :grinning: One of my giants was confused 4 turns out of 6, doing lots of damage to my own stuff(!), while a summoned titan kept on getting in the way!

Human alliance pipped it 2-1 on objectives when we called time after round 6.

We did blind deployment courtesy of a big GW promo marine display and various box lids/trays(!) while spells, rules effected each part of the alliance.

My left was a bunch of Abyssal Hunt, winged aralez, honour guard and halfling knight chaff - the first part got horribly stuck killing tundra wolves (don’t let a reg charge you!) & ratkin with plague pots :disappointed: The HG helped kill a clansmen horde and a AD dragon thing, then died to the unkillable Immortals (and a Troll up the rear!)

Middle bit was crossbowmen and a small selection of war machines, plus the Oathworn Guardians and some polearm.

[I deliberately avoided taking loads of cannons, siege artillery etc, similarly spam chaff - as it “wasn’t fun” and as i was running all 8k i didn’t want to have to move a sh*t load of troops!]

Trolls beat up xbows in combat (eventually!), winged thane (eventually!) killed some war machines.

Lord charges Oathsworn “He’s Mighty”, so i can’t charge the Huscarls through him. 5 extra attacks from channelling, 3 from rampage, doubled for Duelist = 40 attacks on the Lord! They got even got a double 1 to live a bit longer on the counter :wink: The Inspiring from the OG are the reasons for the 'eventually ’ comments, as the rerolls were terrible!

Next up was all the infantry (pointy sticks)!
Pike Legion (26/28 nerve, 40 attacks, Brew of Strength and next to Rally 2 and Radiance of Life!); tooled up Dogs of War (Razors of Berlonviche with Sharpness is fun! I got a flank charge and all 60 attacks hit!!!), Shields with Measured Force, Monster slayers with Strength. Oh, and halfling braves ! Battle Shrine and my altar thing stat in middle.

Facing off were Abyssal Golems, clansmen, draugr, ratkin chaff stuff, knights and some big customer gribblies.

IW is epic! Both DoW hordes got hit, got wavered, killed things on the “now fearless” counter.

Exemplar Hunter with Order of the Bear and Beast Slayer likes monsters! 5+d6 cs4 hurts!

Note to self - remember Golems are H4 and can see over hills!

Do not charge a pike legion with a dragon! Even the massive de6 brute thing didn’t like it!

Right was flyers (beast cav, aralez, ancient phoenix), more halflings, giants.

They got hit by channelling! My rampage giant spent most of the game doing damage to my own stuff which the phoenix kept taking off! Then summoned gods stopped him doing anything!

Got bit lucky when cursed son, with doubled v monsters and HSB couldn’t kill a wounded giant, who then stomped him and magi support.

AD hordes, even the shooty stuff are really hard to kill!

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Pictures to follow here once my phone let’s me post them!! Here are some on FB