A Basilean Obsession

So I had an impulse to arrange my whole army on the gaming table. It appears I have an obsession…

Kings of War army, Vanguard Warband and the beginnings of a mighty Navy!

Just don’t release anymore Basilean stuff Mantic and I’ll be ok…(I’m kidding, I want remastered Elohi…)


Top notch! A pleasure to see it all lined up!


lovely work, crisp paint job really sets them off and I love that even Ronnie the Bard and the objectives are themed into your army. I am a little concerned that Jarvis is there mind you, you do know that he has necromantic intentions?

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Without a shadow of a doubt the best looking Kings of War force I have ever seen.

Hope it does you proud on the battlefield!


Absolutely glorious!

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Stunning work!
That level of painting on a whole army with a consistent theme is an achievement worth celebrating and a wonder to behold.

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Lovely army and paintjob. Crisp highlights and perfects blends . Good job! Especially love when you are painting fire :heart_eyes:


Truly the most spectacular basilean army that’s out there! I love seeing all your work mate!

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I never really rated the Basilean sculpts before, but you have done them a real service!

My favourite units are the Dragon, Eloi and Spear hoard. The head swaps are particularly effective!

How long did it take to build such an impressive collection?

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Thanks! I think it may be about 3 years of focussing on this army as it was initially created for Clash of Kings 2019?