A Changing of the Seasons for Sylvan Kin?

So we’ve got the new updates for Sylvan Kin and have a few shiny new toys to play with.
Are there some battle groups that people are excited to try out or combos that they feel will be fun or effective?

My current list changes slightly (for the better :sunglasses::sunglasses:) with the CoK updates so I’m excited for that to hit the table.
Treeleaper troops x2 (110x3)
Boskwraith troop (115)
Hunters of the Wild Regiment x2 (140x2)
Forest Shambler Horde with elite and rally upgrade (220)
Forest Guard Horde with Chalice of Wrath (285)
Wiltfather (300)
Dragon Lord (305)
Archwraith with Aura upgrade and Book of Banechanting (125)

It would be nice to get a mage and/or a Greater air elemental in there but not sure yet.


I’m still building up my army, but my current projects do involve something that could be 2 Regiments of Forest Guard instead of a Horde… and I have 2 troops of Boskwraiths already… so at 2k I’m looking at bringing the formation, with the Awakened Guardians, and Wiltfather, and a Boskwraith with Scout and the TC aura, and a Master Hunter with the Spellward item… more overlapping Auras than the Halflings!

What I really need to look into is getting some Greater Air Elementals, the small ones I don’t care much about but the Greater hitting with Crush 1 and Thunder 1 has potential…

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Sounds great. I may make up another boskwraith troop and a few regis of forest Guard and give that formation a try.

getting cheap cheap Scout on a bunch of Elfs so they can start in the Rally aura just feels good, and that Wanderer upgrade is just nice. I like Elfs that can outrun some horses.

I’m tempted to bring a second, outside of the formation. 100 points for an Inspiring source to stick near my Archers and Bolt Throwers, but also 14" flyer-grounding range with 7 attacks is nice…

Those overlapping auras are so sweet. Boskwraiths get TC1 and Vicious. Forest Guard regiments go up to 16/18 which is actually pretty tough. They’re a good candidate for bark skin as well with their de4.
Forest shamblers are elite and vicious too.

That’s a great center that starts halfway up the board.

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