A Farewell to 2nd Edition

Managed a 2,500pts game on Sunday. My Kingdom of Men Vs Brotherhood.

It was a demo game, so we kept to a simple Kill mission.

Sadly as I was busy teaching the game I didn’t manage to keep a record of how the game played out. However it was a very decisive victory for the Brotherhood. Two Hordes of Knights managed to block my scouts from flanking and utterly crush any unit they encountered. My forces were too depleted to make gains when they finally managed to bring one of the Hordes down, by this time the other horde had swept around and was flanking my force and ready to sweep me clean off the table. At this point we called it a game, as the out come was written on the wall.

It was a very enjoyable game none the less, and now I need to buy some cannons and Siege weapweapons to deal with those knights, that and get some of my own. As they say, fight fire with fire.


Looks fantastic on the battlefield. Two massed armies fighting it out.

We’re having our last game tomorrow, 4 of us with 1k each. 2 v 2. Yours looks good.