A new campaign book, a new starter box

work on the principle that exclusive means just that and they’ll never be available outside of the box. Then if anything happens in the future that alters that it will be a pleasant surprise.


Think both goblins & rats are nice bits of kit, but will take a few more releases for them to get me to buy in - you also need to factor in that great goblin/rats sculpts will cost the same as other, more ‘point heavy’ units

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But it would be an unpleasant surprise for me if I bought the box and then that happened… which is why I want Mantic to actually explain this.

Stuff that has been exclusive in the past has normally been impossible to get. Assume it will be the case now too. Of course they are free to change their mind later. E.g. if they find themselves with a lot of stock in later years, or like in the case of the old Abyssal horsemen (?) when they found several boxes of the old out of print minis they offered them out again.


if you are after a definite answer your best bet would be to contact Mantic, this isn’t an official forum being run by fans of KoW so the chances of a conclusive answer are slim. A mantic staffer would have to see the thread and then answer it, and while there are a few they don’t frequent the forum on a daily basis. Rob or Elvis are the pair that spring to mind in getting a response from, just because of their roles within the company

i’ve bit the bullet and pre-ordered the starter box, as i needed 40 goblins either way. i figure the trolls are an extra and i’m sure to fit them in between my Orc and Goblin armies. If i sell the Ratkin, i can buy a winggit/+Mincer/Blaster, with the money i get back


Does this mean I am going to just have to buy those Ratkin from you…

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Hehehe… Think of it as an investment into a future army :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Here’s what I gleaned from the Countercharge interview:

  • Gladestalkers of all types become regular
  • Most or all chariots become regular
  • One unit (surely Elohi) becomes regular but can’t be taken as an ally
  • War engines: a bit overboard, ignores cover doesn’t apply if you’re at least half in terrain, “more popular ones” “nudged”
  • Some shooting slightly buffed, they want a bit more on the table, mentioned the dwarf warsmith
  • Revenant cavalry points go up
  • Drain life dice largely go down
  • Revenant king on flying worm nerfed a bit
  • New heroes from campaign all fully tournament legal
  • Ratkin hero is an inspiring warlock whose bane chant lets the unit do a complete do-over in melee
  • Goblin hero is a weird melee fighter, blast d3 in melee and does something like weaken the things she hits
  • Elf hero has cloak of death, inspiring Verdant, flies once per game
  • EoD hero is a very inspiring high priest, gets to heal and then surge sorta like the free dwarf stone priest
  • Basilean wizard tied to angelic stuff
  • Free Dwarf returning hero, didn’t catch the name
  • Northern Alliance Ice Queen does wind blast stuff
  • Forces of Nature druid has an aura that affects verdant
  • Trident Realm assassin/monster hunter
  • Abyssal Warlock with special lightning bolt
  • Abyssal Dwarf returning hero, didn’t catch the name
  • Nightstalker Banshee, melee focused, special enthral
  • Orc Godspeaker some special spell
  • Undead Salamander Necromancer, spells you don’t normally see in undead
  • Ogre warlock returning hero, Nomagorok or something

Nice summary, many thanks for sharing it here!

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The intention is that the only way to buy these two models is through this set.

They will likely go to Mantic Points later, but won’t be offered for general sale.

Neither of these models are unique units, either. Both have (or will have) a standard equivalent available at retail if you want to field that particular hero (wiz or warlock) in your army. It’s just something nice for the starter set and since this is the first time both the Ratkin and Goblin plastics are available (at a really good price) it’s kind of a no-brainer if you collect either of these armies.


Fantastic, thank you so much for a clear answer Dave, appreciate that a lot :smiley:

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A new preview on the Halpi’s Rift supplement:


standard goblins don’t get CS1 in vanguard, luggits who are bigger goblins armed with heavier weapons do, but rabble and spitters don’t.

you are right, standard GRUNT goblins do not get CS1 in vanguard. but the standard goblin WARRIOR in vanguard is a Luggit. Which makes it equivalent to a Northern Alliance Huscarl (WARRIOR) or an Orc Morax (WARRIOR). Elves do not even have a CS1 WARRIOR unit. I disliked that fact when they changed that. but enough rant from me about that!

and in the lore “occasionally a goblin will (unfortunately) need to engage in melee combat. In this case, they will scavenge whatever weaponry they can find and group together in large, unwieldy swarms. The resulting Rabble is chaotic but potentially deadly.”

ah! thanks for clearing that up.

It looks the Halpi’s Rift is already shipping and a review of the supplement has appeared on the Dash28 blog,


I receiced my copy a few days ago :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine came today. I like the new Undead hero with Elite for skeletons.

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