A review of the undead army in KoW3

Dear people,

As my 3rd edition book has arrived yesterday, I spent some time reviewing my main “gamers’ army” - undead.
All-in, I’m pretty content with the state of the army.

Of course - not having played any games yet- it might be complete bogus. Still, I wouldn’t keep it from you:

For the sake of practicality, I split it up into two parts. 2nd part to come. Eventually.


Part 2 now online dealing with the cavalry, large infantry plus the undead monster & war machine:

There will be a part 3 discussing the characters!


Yeah, Zombie Trolls just don’t seem to have anything they shine at, every reason to take them can be done better by another unit. One slight benefit is being able to give them Vicious via a Necromancer, but I’m not sure if that is worth it.

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@Stonehorse: thanks and I agree

Today I finalised the review!

Happy reading

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Really enjoyed the review. Esp the part about the revenant kings poor brother. Didn’t realise the burrowing wyrm didn’t have any nimble. Overall I think the undead list is a in good place - versatile and can be played a variety of ways. And I finally found a good profile to use for my old nagash - the goreblight!

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Good stuff. Re-read these and listened to the Counter Charge undead pod.

Always good to get different views on armies/units etc.

Depending on your meta spearmen look a definite worthwhile upgrade over the regular guys (extra US on top of everything else).

Like what they did with zombies, wraiths, wights and a couple of the character options.

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