A solid core to build around, Nightstalkers and beyond

Hello everyone,

I am new to the game, I have only played a few matches against myself with the starterset so far, but the game is intuitive and fun, so I wanto expand, maybe get a few armies so I can invite people to play.

Now that being said. How do best do that? One of the armies I want to build would be Nightstalkers. Can anyone help me point out some units that would make a solid core part of a Nightstalkers force ? A few units that just work and you almost always want to bring?

Additionally I’d be happy to hear about similar core parts in other armies, as I’m going to need more than one.

Thank you for your time and attention.


These were all nightstalker armies from the US Masters event earlier this year.

Gives you an idea of what units were being taken.

[Note, the event is super competitive and the US scene has a slightly different vibe/style to UK gaming]

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You need units that unlock, so that limits your first choices a bit there. The game is supposed to have very few really bad choices so there really should not be any traps to fall into. :slight_smile:

Unless you take spectres! [Although they should get better in October :wink: ]

A lot of the danger in NS lists come from the heroes, monsters and nasty, but irregular, units - so as @FredOslow commented you need units to do that.

Rather like zombies in undead, scarecrows are almost too good a value unit not to take. You can use bloodworms as your unlocks, or go elite and try reaper/doppelganger regiments & fiends/butchers hordes - which gives you a different style army