A tale of 4 gamers

I’m sure many of the old grogs here remember the articles and following them month by month in White dwarf. I have been on a kick trying to find suitable ones done online at the moment and wondered if there were any KoW focused ones? For those not as old as some, it was a series of articles in White dwarf where 4 writers had £50 to start an army then £25 each of the following months and built up armies to play against each other. They would use nifty tricks such as attending store openings to get 3 for 2 deals on blisters and boxes to make the money stretch further. It was a jolly good time and a high point of reading the magazine as a lad.


Back when £25 would actually get you stuff!


You can get the world’s most finely crafted space marine finger for that!

Checking Element games prices it’s still doable today with Mantic, Oathmark, Warlords of Erehwon (Historicals by warlord games too), Wargames Atlantic, Fireforge, Perries or Frostgrave models They all sit on 20-25 per box.

If you start with a Mantic army box you’re 4 quid over but get an extra unit and your character models are going to be more expensive if you stick to mantic only so it should even out. Might need some restrictions on 3D printing and Reaper bones models. On the former you could print half your army for 30 and with the later you make characters so cheap they’re after thoughts instead of planned investments. Bones monsters would be ideal though, couldn’t afford a nice wibbly thing other wise.

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As referenced above, stuff like the mantic army sets are a fairly affordable start to this sort of thing, while the ranges mentioned work well.

Even the gw starter sets are pretty good value for a big monster and the start of a couple of smaller units.

Have about 8 armies (and building more!) most of which have at their core an army box or bunch of affordable plastics (wargames Atlantic, historic stuff etc), with reaper, nolzurs/pathfinder d&d and random models providing minsters etc.

3d works if that’s your thing as well.


Oddly enough this is something a friend and I started this month. He’s new to kings of war, I’m returning from not playing since middle of 2nd and we’re both building armies for the new edition. We’re doing slow builds, just a unit or two a month. I started with about 100usd in figures which I ordered this month and should be arriving in the next day or two. After that I set a 50usd /month budget for miniatures, basing, and replenishment of hobby supplies.

My first months worth of models included a box of blacksouls/decimators from mantic, a dwarf lord from scibor miniatures, and since I wanted to use a pig theme in the army, as I feel pigs are under used, a couple of the piggy light warbeasts from Privateer press to make a unit of grotesques.


That sounds really interesting @Broadway are you running a blog or posting it any where?

PP’s Minion models are awesome. Which ones are you using? The werehog has been on my to buy list for years.

I was thinking of posting my progress on here on the forums over int he showcase section once my first batch of miniatures shows up.

I started with a couple of the gun boars and splatter boars, that way I could salvage the guns off their backs and use those as part of my artillery pieces.


Although I’ve got some of the bits and pieces for it already, when I start on the halflings, will possibly look to track the construction of it & expansion in this sort of style.

Might actually help building an army in some sort of logical manner, unlike any of my others!

Meant to post a link on this forum for the Troll Trader Halflings Kickstarter. It finished yesterday - might be worth checking out for late pledges if you like a few bits on there.

I’ll be building a new Halfling army hopefully before Christmas due to jumping on board. :rofl:

Halflings were originally going to be a few flavour regiments for a KoM force. Such is the war gaming hobby.

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There’s an announcement about halflings during mantic’s virtual open day on 10th April.

Have some TTCombat halfling stuff - bulk of the infantry are/will be wargames Atlantic plastics

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