About the APG/forumfaq

What is this project and why should I care about it?

The Advance Play Guide / forumFAQ is intended to be a supplement to the official Kings of War FAQ, not a competitor.
You should care about it because it tries to do something constructive and helpful.
The intent is to list several rules which the community do not seem to agree on, and which the RC for some (probably valid) reason have not put into the FAQ (yet), or issues that the RC actually have ruled on but also have not made it into the FAQ.

Who is creating this list, and why should I trust them?

I (Fred) will try to keep it updated. I love games with good, clear rules. Nothing bugs me as much as an unclear rule. I used to be a referee at the Warhammer ETC event for three years, from 2013 to 2015. In my first year I became the first ETC ref to document and publish all my rulings at the tables, with description and photos. This meant all the other teams/games could refer to those rulings the next time whenever a similar situation came up. As such, we created a stronger consistency between how the rules were enforced. My dream was to never again hear “that’s not how it was ruled yesterday” or something similar. :slight_smile: I hope my credentials are sufficient for you to bear with me in this task.


Awesome that you want to do this Fred, thank you!


Excellent idea, Fred, and a useful resource for finding the “state of the art” answers pending official FAQ responses. That’s exactly what forums are good for (and Facebook not).


Thanks for fighting the good fight Fred!

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