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Hi. First post today.
My question: say a unit suffers 3 wounds and it is wavered and disordered and it has the vial of sacred water and on a D3 roll i get 5 or 6 and those wounds are removed does wavered and disorder also get removed?

No healing does not remove disordered or wavered

After buying the Bg Red Rules book in Hardback when it came out, I’ve been busy with other things, mainly Historical miniatures Painting Romans and adding to my growing Celtic army, adding additional units to my original 'De Dannan ’ Herd army. I then went down a worm hole into Vikings, which was fun, but somehow limited, given that it is basically all shield wall armies wth little additional cavalry, war engines or anything else.
I digress,
I recently boyght another Army box set of the Newly refurbished Northern Alliance, to add to the 4000 points plus i already had. Effectivelty, it is now over 5000 points, and I’ve no trouble fielding two seperate armies; One being Human Barbarian based, and another from the Frostbound non human units. heavy in Elf/Half-Elf, with some Dwarf , and other non human elements. I’m currently testing these two armies against each other. But I quickly came to a problem.
Ordered March.
Someone kindly donated a couple of sheets of the changes to Northern Alliance that I missed in my year off, but Ordered march is not explained in these sheets, nor in the red book, so it must have been from 2023 's Clash of Kings
I’ve checked the most recent FAQ and Errata, but can’t spot it anywhere.
Help would be very much appreciated.