Abyssal Army Challenge

I’ve completed my all Mantic army. Here’s a quick review of the models I used.

Lower Abyssals. Models come on a sprue with 5 different base models and a variety of weapon and head options to allow the models to be made as Lower Abyssals or Flame Bearers. Really nice models, easy to put together, very little flash and a wide variety of poses possible. The models could also be used to represent a wide variety of other races and are well-suited to Herd infantry. Juts note that 2 of the models on each sprue are modelled with only one foot on the ground – pinning is recommended to ensure a good bond with the model’s base (or cut them in hale and have them wading through molten lava to get over the problem).

Gargoyles. Again lovely models, easy to put together and little flash. Major downside is the limited variety of poses possible. However, using hot water to reshape wings and tails and trimming away the base pedestals the models stand on opens up a world of opportunity.

Abyssal Riders. I would guess that these are quite old models now. It might just be the way I put mine together, but I needed copious quantities of green stuff to make the horse bodies fit together. I was also confused with some of the moulding around the horse heads. Nice once complete.

Zombies (used as Tortured Souls and Twisted Victims). Really good models, easy to put together and little flash. A shame that there are only 3 base models and limited arm and head options. It would be nice if there were another 2 or 3 base options and more arm choices. Spot Ronnie the Bard singing karaoke to the tortured souls -well you’d be pretty tortured if you had to listen to Ronnie sing for eternity.

Warpath Plague Aberrations (used as Abyssal Despoilers). Love this model. Easy to put together and full of character. It only comes in one pose, probably because no-one would be silly enough to make 2 hordes of them! A bit of cutting and a bucket of green stuff allows re-positioning of one or both front legs which creates some variety. These are big models and I found it difficult to get 5 on a base; 6 would be almost impossible. In hindsight I wish I had gone for only 4 on one of my hordes’ bases.

Some individuals:

Finally, the only 2 models in the army that are not yet Mantic – 2 Arch Fiends.

Anyway, army challenge complete. Now to put hobby material away for a few months and say hello to my wife again. Although, I might just have another go at the standard bearer, and the Gargoyles might use a bit more ….


Glad to hear you completed an army project, I know from experience that those tend to be challenging. The conversions are nice and unique, giving the army a ton of character!

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