Abyssal Battlegroups

I like to build-up from battle-groups to get good synergies in my armies. I was wondering what battlegroups people had found to be good for Abyssals?

Find the following combos work pretty well.

Succubi, Abyssal Warlock, Abyssal Fiend - couple of regiments (one usually with brew of strength) with lurker upgrades, the warlock with BC. Ensnare & terrain can usually mean the girls can take a charge of things quicker than them while still outpacing most infantry etc. Fire ball/bolt from the supporting guys plus inspiring and both can get stuck in once the regiments are engaged. Drain life can keep topping up the succubi once stuck in

Lower Abyssals, ghouls, harbinger - nothing fancy, just lots of US & nerve. Sometimes add Chroneas for cc punch and the drip damage from CoD. Won’t kill stuff, but takes a lot of shifting while your fast stuff does the killing/hits in flanks.

Horsemen, hellhounds, gargoyles with archfiend/champion. Fast, pretty hitty. Get the HH in the flanks and it hurts.

Molochs can fit in pretty well with the first two, while the Well is a nice boost to any.

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