Abyssal Dwarf Blacksouls kit - best option?

Hi guys, I have two boxes of the Blacksouls regiment and getting more would be costly (shipping and exchange rate), so I want to make the most of them.

Is the ranged version a good choice? Or build them alol as hand weapon and shields?

I recommend avoiding the trap of building models to get the best out of a meta. It is far better to build for what you think looks good. Essentially rules change, but built models don’t.

The kit is gorgeous, I plan to build mine as a mixture of both, big anvils of Sword & Board, and a few troops of Decimators to support the anvil. I like both options the kit can make and wouldn’t like to miss out on getting to paint both. The fact that they are good on the tabletop is an added bonus for me.

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Fair enough! It’s just sometimes a unit is so good or bad it would maybe impact the mix I’d want to take.

The other thing you could do is build them as troop sized units of each and use as appropriate?

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This here is a great way to go. Especially if you make two of each and then if you want regiments put the weapon type to the forefront of the unit

I’ve done a Regt and found that its hard to get more than 16 on the base, and if you added lots of scenery you could get away with 12-14 I think. So your 40 should manage 3 Regts I’d say.

Do you guys think I’d run afoul of PMC rules?

every tournament is different, PMC only really applies to Mantic’s own two tournaments. If you’re in any doubt find out what the consensus in your area is for model count at tournaments and go with that.

As long as the base looks full though, you are generally fine. Even if you’re below PMC or MMC but you physically can’t put anything else on, it’s the look and your hobby at the end of the day.