Abyssal Dwarf Cards

Looking for the updated Abyssal Dwarf cards, anyone got them or know when EasyArmy will be updated?

They are only available with the models at this time. Easy Army will be updated in about 2 months. If you’d be willing to pay for the cards separately, let Mantic know - I believe they are debating releasing card packs for warbands separately, but want to know if there’s actually demand for that.


I have, but Id buy them if they were available atm. If they are released in 6 months or so I guess Id just use EasyArmy, but thats if and when it gets updated. Still waiting for the KoW update, but atleast Ive got the books so are able to do it old school.

This whole cards/rules in the box is such a mess and a bad move IMO, other than us doing it 15mm the game is dead around here. :frowning:

Getting off topic a little, do you do a simple “inches as cm” to convert ranges for 15mm? Or just play with ranges as is but with smaller minis?

Jupp, more or less…
Heres a link to my small showcase thread, including a base chart.

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On the cards, Mantic seem to have learnt not to try to force people to buy their models.
They also wanted to set it up so that they could easily add new models and warbands though, which is a good thing. Probably also necessary considering the Kickstarter beginning.

Hopefully the second edition will have army lists and drop the cards. The range should be more settled by then.
Otherwise an online publication (or list builder like Infinity Army) that can be updated. Adding things does seem to be difficult to balance.

At least some of the cards for Abyssal dwarfs were presented in the previews at the Mantic blog:
part 1, part 2.

Normally, the model profiles also appear on the on-line army builder about one month after the faction is released. However, I guess the authour of the AB is currently still working hard to put the KoW 3ed unit profiles there, so the Vanguard update may be delayed.

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An online Mantic army list building tool would be great! Like the “Age of Sigmar” app by GW which introduces all updates and FAQs as they are released. Hade Mantic just given EasyArmy donations enough to keep it rolling out new cards/models as they come Id be really happy. :smiley:

Jupp, I know… Some are teased, but its unplayable with half(?) of the cards. We are waiting to start a new campaign, but as of now its all on ice until the rules are available.
But Ill not rant more about how stupid I think this is, just hope Vanguard survives to see better days…

All cards are downloadble for free from the Mantic website, it is a single pdf-document (findable under “free rules”) that first lists the units for the warbands that haven´t had a proper release yet, than shows all available cards for the other warbands. The Abyssal Dwarf warband will be released in three to four weeks, so maybe they will update that free pdf with the new cards then, but certainly not before.

Battlescribe isn´t a website, but usually quicker updated then Easy Army, I believe it is up to date for Vanguard.

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A bit unsure what you mean, the war band was released some weeks ago?

You are right, I must have thought of the other releases for Kings of War, Abyssal Grotesques and the like. I would have expected that they release the rules on their website at the same time the models became available.

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The free pdf has been updated yesterday, the AD-cards are now included.