Abyssal Dwarf list

Building my first 2000pts KoW army, here is the list I scrounged up by reading forums. Critique appreciated, curious about any suggestions. Trying to figure out if Supreme Caster on Ancient Winged Halfbreed would be preferable over the Overrmaster.

Abyssal Berserkers
Regiment(20) [165]

Immortal Guard
Regiment(20) [175] Throwing Mastiff
Regiment(20) [160]
Regiment(20) [160]

Slave Orcs*
Troop(10) [70] Mead of Madness Removed

Troop(10) [85]

Abyssal Halfbreeds
Troop(5) [130] Mead of Madness Added

Lesser Obsidian Golems
Horde(6) [245]
Upgrade with a Charnox, gaining the ranged attack - Magma Cannon: 12", Att: 8, Ra: 4+, Piercing (1), Steady Aim

Abyssal Grotesques
Regiment(3) [145]

G’rog Mortar
1 [95]

Angkor Heavy Mortar
1 [115]

1 [150]
Tome of Darkness, Bane Chant (2) , Replace Fireball (10) with Surge (8)

Overmaster on Ancient Winged Halfbreed
1 [305] Blade of Slashing

Optional to playtest

Source of inspiring
1 [55]


1 [105] Swap for Mortar?


Solid enough - but I don’t see the point of MoM on the slave orcs? Swapping the item to the gargoyles to outrange other flyers might be more useful?


I like the list. Lots of dwarves! Which is what i like in mine. On winged over master I like the staying stone as a cheap way to make waivering more difficult. I have recently toyed with replacing him with the supreme iron caster. I gave him lightning bolt and the broomstick so he could hide behind my dwarves and snipe stuff.

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Hello Skala welcome to the funhouse

I’m with Sceleris, the Mead on the chaff orcs is a waste, I’d probably drop it on the Halfbreed regiment.
Overall the list looks plucky enough, I would stick with the overmaster he’s a bit punchier and you don’t have a lot of hammers in there, most of your units are anvils who will stick around though.
You do seem to be missing inspiring sources though, you should really have some cheap source like a pair of slave drivers, or even just one for 55 points is worth his weight in the ears of slaves

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I’ll be playing against this list soon! Give me counters, friends!


What are you taking?

I’m running an Undead list.

Mostly zombies and wights.

zombies to tarpit and wights for the punch that will be nasty. Surge off for the win :slight_smile:
with his artillery and fliers you’ll need to counter them

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