Abyssal Dwarfs 3ed army lists and tactics

What are your thoughts on the 3ed changes to the Abyssal Dwarfs??

Immortal Guard with Regen, LOGS with charnox, a mobile rocket launcher on the Decimators, Brakki with Dread as standard and Hellfane’s Brutal and Wildcharge Auras…all sound amazing.

I’m gutted to see that Infernok and Dravak have disappeared though :frowning:
Mutated Throwing Mastiffs are no longer as fun…those re-rolls were soooo good! :frowning:
Also, the Greater Golem is so pricey now and dragon fire team have gone up 35 points with minor changes.
Basusu has also lost vicious, has one less attack and is still pretty costly.

What are your thoughts? What are your hell-yeahs and hell-noooo’s?


I don’t have a lot of experience with the AD, but I would love to see some advice for lists and concepts.
Any suggestions for a soon to be AD player?
Are hordes of Slave Orcs or Blacksouls playable? I really like Braki Brakka as well as the Lord on wingedHalfbreed. Both are excelent supporting and dominating units

I still consider myself quite a new player but happy to help if I can!
I actually tend to avoid hordes of infantry. I prefer the manoeuvrability of regiments. That being said, Blacksouls are a real solid unit with a lot of options available.
Hordes of Lesser Golems, however, are essential imo! They hit hard and stick around. You need an iron caster with them though with surge and heal options.
Gargoyles are also essential! So cheap and so useful. You can cause your opponent a lot of nuisance with just a couple of troops at 85 points each.
I haven’t used the winged half-breed yet but i really want to! I have used Basusu a few times, but i’m still not confident on my strategy on how to utilise him just yet, especially when paying 210 for him.
Brakki is excellent. If you can afford him, definitely take him!
AD war machines are also pretty useful. When they hit, they hit hard! However, I had a game last week where none hit at all! All comes down to the dice lol.

Happy to share my next list when it’s ready and would be grateful for any feedback you might have!


Here’s what I’m thinking… let me know what you think!

www.dash28.org has a bit of a review on Abyssal Dwarfs that (while obviously a personal opinion) is worth a read

Thanks a lot man… interesting read.
Maybe I need to make room for those mortars. I guess taking more than one is key, and that’s why they haven’t worked for me in the past.

They are now less important to have in multiples (since extra shoots) - so even one big and one little (for 210?) is not a bad shout and able to put out decent damage.

What you don’t (or unlikely too) get now are the massive 1 turn swings when a couple of the big mortars hit and take anything off the table

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Yeh definitely worth trying.
Rocket launcher appeals too as it has 3 attacks, but has less blast and piercing. Only 85 points…


Used this list in a game of Pillage yesterday. Snagged a decent win against Goblins! Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Interessting list. How did the units perfom? Did you bring enough shooting?
I was thinking about a similar list:

Army: Abyssal Dwarfs

Points: 2000

Unit Strength: 19

175, Immortal Guard Regiment

Throwing Mastiff

175, Immortal Guard Regiment

Throwing Mastiff

245, Lesser Obsidian Golem Horde


155, Decimator Regiment

155, Decimator Regiment

85, Gargoyle Troop

85, Gargoyle Troop

60, Slave Orc Troop

305, Overmaster on Ancient Winged Halfbreed

Blade of Slashing

115, Angkor Heavy Mortar

115, Angkor Heavy Mortar

95, G’rog Mortar

85, Katsuchan Rocket Launcher

150, Iron-caster

Tome of Darkness

Surge (8) to replace Fireball

Bane Chant (2)

Looks like a really solid list! Let me know how it plays…

I managed to keep most of my units with higher unit strength alive, which really counted for determining who controlled the objectives.
The mortars both performed really well. First roll of the G’rog got me 8 hits and 7 wounds. I grouped the immortal guard regiments and hellfane together to start with, so they had a good round of shooting. Hellfane’s range is 18" which is really useful.

I could have probably done with another reg of decimators though, either that or a supporting dragonfire team or something. I also saw a lot of opportunity where i could have used the LOG Charnox…but couldn’t quite afford it this time around.

Lots to consider…but really happy with the outcome in the end :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the write up. How did the Halfbreeds perform? I somehow don’t know how to use them properly.

After being wavered after an unbelievable nerve roll, I managed to keep them alive and threaten flanks. Their high speed and melee 3+ makes them really useful on the flanks, but low def and fairly low nerve means they need support to stay in the game!

When playing with such slow units such as LOGS and dwarfs, it’s nice to have an alternative unit that is speedy!

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Does anybody have any tips on using the Dragonfire Team and Ba’su’su?

These are two units that I’ve wanted to use for a while but held off taking as I’m not sure how to utilise them!

Another win for the abyssal dwarfs against ogres!
Scenario: Invade

Slightly different list:

Army: Abyssal Dwarfs
Points: 2000
Unit Strength: 21

215, Lesser Obsidian Golem Horde

215, Lesser Obsidian Golem Horde

135, Blacksoul Regiment

– Fire-Oil

– Throwing Mastiff

130, Blacksoul Regiment

– Throwing Mastiff

245, Abyssal Grotesque Horde

200, Abyssal Halfbreed Regiment

235, Greater Obsidian Golem

85, Gargoyle Troop

85, Gargoyle Troop

200, Brakki Barka

140, Iron-caster

– Conjurer’s Staff

– Bane Chant (2)

– Surge (8) to replace Fireball

115, Angkor Heavy Mortar

I was worried about taking just one mortar, but it hit every turn!

Going up against orcs next.
Any tips?!?!
What lists are you taking?

Congrats for your win. Can you provide the ogre list, please?

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I think it was something along these lines:

Army: Ogres
Ally: Goblins
Points: 1940
Unit Strength: 25

350, Warrior Legion

310, Warrior Chariot Legion

240, Siege Breaker Horde

155, Red Goblin Scout Regiment

75, Red Goblin Rabble Regiment

225, Giant

110, Sergeant

95, Ogre Warlock

190, Troll Horde

190, Troll Horde