Abyssal Dwarfs Ranking up issues

Just been putting together the Abyssal Dwarf warriors and Decimators kit. Not sure how I am going to get them to rank up.

Anyone else put them together and found a solution? Looking at the Mantic Studio army it seems that it can be done.

Shields facing forwards was the rule of thumb. And rank up as you go.

As ^

There are a number of the mantic models (clansmen!) that aren’t easy to rank up (even when multibasing) so need to build the unit as you go.

If keeping the models individual, you can always number them on the bottom of the base to make it easier each time.

Managed to get these lot to rank up. With the right handed shields it is a bit difficult to get them facing forward. Also the weapons do tend to push against the model in front.

Still a great kit.

Edit. Came close to giving up and just multibasing the lot of them!

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Why not do that? Though you did a wonderful job in building them so they rank up, they end up quite crowded. Why not spread them out a little more on a multibase so the models show better?

(Yes, an advocate of multibase. Particulary for this reason)

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I play a lot of other games, so would lock them out of those other systems.

My solution for single infantry models that won’t rank up is to magnetise the bases and then insert magnetized spacers.

These troops are on 20x20 mm bases with 10x20 mm spacers added where needed. As they are magnetized they are very stable but you can still take them off, move them round or swap them out.