Abyssal Dwarves List - Help Request!

Hi all,

New player to KoW. Posted a few times in the past few months, but only have had the opportunity for a couple of quick kitchen table games.

Signed up for the Lonewolf GT next month in Dallas, and it’ll be my first time playing well organized, strictly by the rules games.

Looking to see if anyone can shoot me a message and help me out with building my Abyssal Dwarf list. I don’t have a lot of variety to my available units, so should be pretty straightforward. Basically just want to make sure I have a legal list that is fun to play.

Shoot me a message if you can help out. If you’re also attending the GT, I’ll buy you a beer or three for your troubles! Thanks!


list what you have access to and I’m sure we can put something together with you. Also if you know if there are any restrictions from the tournament pack as well drop those in

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Echo ^ comment.

Let us know what you have available and well see what we can do with a list.

Main thing - as many mortars as you can fit in! :wink:


Thanks for the quick replies y’all!

So here’s what I have painted and available for the tournament. The tournament is 5 games, 2300 points each game. No special restrictions I see that stand out. I just don’t totally understand the “buying” units system explanation on page 41 of the rule book.

  • 40 immortals
  • 40 decimates
  • 20 gargoyles
  • 5 halfbreeds
  • 6 lesser obsidian golems
  • 1 greater obsidian golem
  • 3 grotesques
  • 1 grotesque champion
  • 60 slave orcs (could probably turn out another 20 in the next few weeks before the tournament)
  • king
  • iron caster
  • Ghenna model
  • slave driver
  • 2 cannon models with crews (not sure what to run them as).

Crunching the numbers on the army builder, this is approximately 2500 pts.

I think my idea is to max out my troops with the dwarves, run the golems and grotesques for some heavy hitters, and use the two mortars. Fill out points after that.

Again, not looking to min/max or anything, just something balanced and fun for me to learn the game well at the tournament with.

Thanks for any ideas!

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So the unlock system can be a touch confusing!

Basically you need to take units of basic stuff in order to get access to heroes, monsters, war engines etc. The larger the unit, the more stuff you can access.

Of the stuff you have, those that can unlock are the immortals, decimators and golems. The orcs are irregular (have a * by the name) so are treated as troop sized units when building an army.

You can build this, with about 100 points left over for artifacts or another hero.

2 Regiments of Immortals
Horde of Decimators
Horde of Obsidian Golems
Horde of slave orcs
Regiment of slave orcs
2 troops of gargoyles
Troop of halfbreeds
Regiment of Grotesques
2 Heavy Mortars
Dravak (use iron caster model)
Infernok (Greater Obsidian Golem)
Slave Driver


This is super helpful! I had been going crazy trying to figure out why adding a bunch of different regiments of slave orcs didn’t unlock more on the KoW army builder website… guess I should have read the fine print on “irregulars” better!

Thank you!

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