Adam's Goblins (and an Ice Elemental)

Hi everyone, I’ve got back into hobbying after a 20 year or so hiatus, like many people I think. I don’t have the time to be able to paint up a KoW army, but I have had time to paint up some Goblins and some Northern Alliance to play games of Vanguard with my son.

Here are some shots of the goblins, with the Ice Elemental making a guest appearance because he was nearby…

I’m not the best painter, but I am pretty happy with the Stinggit, my old Skarsnik (repainted and used as a Wiz), and the Ice Elemental. If anyone has any decent tips on how to improve then let me know!

Oh yes, they have been varnished for gaming (one coat gloss an done matt), could maybe do with another coat of matt to reduce the shine a little.

If I have time I might go find the Goblin King to go on the maw beast and the orc troll bruiser and post them later :slight_smile:


nice, i particulaly like the dark face and glow of energy in the face of the elemental

Thanks! Thoughts were that he is powered by magical energy from deep inside him, so he’s dark blue all the way down to purple in the deepest parts, moving through to white at the edges.

I’m nearly there with the rest of the northern alliance warband too.

With the goblins I’m pretty happy with how the blue clothing items link them together as a warband.

I think maybe the bases could be improved all around though


Here’s a couple of shots of the gibbon king on mawbeast and the orc troll bruiser too.