Advice for Kings of War terrain?

For a few years my main connection to the hobby was making terrain for my friends to play 40K on since despite my best efforts I could never really get into that game again. Luckily I’ve converted some of them to Grimdark Future and now Kings of War. Still we need terrain and terrain I’ve made for skirmish games doesn’t necessarily work optimally for KoW. Trying to make walkways or balconies that a modern GW termie can stand on is bad enough.

If on top of being not to disruptive for movement trays the terrain also has to stand up to being left at my FLGS, I struggle a bit to think of what might be interesting, so any advice would be welcome.

Are 1" hills much easier to deal with than 2"? Flat toped mesa hills easier than gentle slopes?
Strait obstacles better than bent or curved walls? Consistent height is needed? Relatively small obstacles will still have a decent effect on the game.
Forests should be fine as long as they remain marked even after you move the trees out of the way. What’s a good size for the bases?


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Flat top hills are the best, I think.
2" looks very good but 1" is better game-wise, both work well though.

Obstacles should be straight and low, I found some pieces on the webside previously called 4ground (now called which are a bit chunky and low, so you can even balance units on them if needed.

Forest should not be too large, because the game mechanics work better when there are several smaller forests instead. About the size of a cork mat for pots and pans ish?