Hi , what is your preferred airbrush nozzle size for use on your army. I’m used to 1:35 model building so i’m curious to know .

I use two different airbrushes for everything, I have an Iwata CM CP Micron (.18mm) and an Iwata Eclipse (.35). I have also used Infinity Evolution and an old Badger single action airbrush, both of which I have worn out.

It’s the same paint so the smaller the nozzle the more clogging you will experience so unless you know what you are doing I would recommend the larger nozzle sizes.


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Thanks, i now use the NEO for Iwata 0.35 mm for my 1:35 models . Works great for painting tanks and trucks and the like. Kings of War is a lot smaller to work with so i’m looking around what would work on my new army. Again thanks for the help.

Unless you want another airbrush I would just use the one you have.

A good, not to expensive upgrade, would be the Eclipse, it’s the one I would recommend.

You can also get china copies but the quality varies a lot.

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Ah great ! This is good info. I love this forum really nice people. Thank you . I for sure wil use my NEO but i want to use a airbrush more for highlights in the hope to get better looking soldiers . I’m pretty good with a brush but i want to try to get better paint jobs .

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.3 and .35 are my work horse sizes. I also use a .2 for inks.

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Thank you, and for me the .35 to. I painted a lot with it.

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