Altering model poses

Just a quick question: does anybody know whether you can change the pose of Perry miniature plastic by placing it in hot water, amending the pose, and then putting it in cold water?

And how warm should the water be?

I dont think it is possible with hot water to amend hard plastic. Cut and glue, buddy, cut and glue…

I experimented a bit, and it works to a very limited degree - I was able to make the legs of a mounted model somewhat wider, but it was only by a few millimeters, and I needed to leave the model in hot water for almost a minute.

Thanks for the tip though!

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Yeah, resin and some softer plastic type models (reaper bones, nolzurs etc) you can repose with heat.

Most of the perry plastics are pretty easy to convert with a cut & repose - plus plenty of spare bits to hack about usually

I second this.
This rider is a perry twins infantryman converted for mounted use. Here’s the blog post that goes with it.

Short story: I cut off the legs of the minatures, angled them slightly, corrected them with a hobby knife and glued them into place. Bear in mind that this is a historical 28 mm horse, i wouldn’t have been able to do this on a GW one. (Or rather, I would have been able, but it would have looked silly)

I was able to amend two Mounted Men At Arms’ legs wide enough they could fit around a GW Griffon with some cheating (I carved off the previous rider’s legs somewhat deeper than they would really have been), after giving them a cushion/raised saddle to sit on. Photo’s will follow once I have decent light. It’s not ideal, but I’m convinced I can paint it up into something more or less convincing.

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