Alternate flesh colors for Abyssals?

I’m wondering if anyone has painted their abyssal armies with different flesh tones that the basic red, and if so what did it look like?

I feel like you could do something interesting with more human skin tones but I’m not sure it would look good army wide.


I’ve gone the traditional Red but over on the Facebook pages I folks have gone with:

  1. Bright orange / yellow for a flaming look
  2. An ice-blue / cerulean theme
  3. Green / purple for a chaos vibe

Of the non-Red ones I rather like the Blue

Ice blue does seem interesting.

Did most of mine in various shades of blue for the lower abyssals, succubi and abyssal guard - then a dull red for the flame bringers and the abyssal ghouls.


Here’s my abyssal army:

It’s mainly painted in four colours: (valejo colours)
-Dead flesh
-Goblin green
-Violet ink
-Bone white


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