Alternate Snow Foxes?

I’m going to go out on a (nice, sturdy) limb and assume NA snow foxes will not be available on their own soon if ever :expressionless: With that in mind, do y’all know of any alternate 28mm foxes suitable for swarming? I’m coming up pretty short - Reaper has one in a familiar pack, but if I’m stooping to casting foxes I’d just as soon duplicate the Mantic ones and send Ronnie some cash in an envelope :zipper_mouth_face:

warbases has some.

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I used these to bulk out my swarms, a little on the small side , but work nicely mixed in with the mantic ones.

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They look great (perfect for deco on multibases too), thanks for the info :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s pretty great, thanks for the rec!

I Use SPQR War dogs… x2 packs is enough for x2 troops

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Frosty - those are great. What does the rest of the army look like?
Ive seen the dogs before- but those handlers are ACE. I need to find some. Can you point me in the right direction?

Footsore and Warlord games both produce wardog miniatures.



Hi Bloodaxe
Of those links just posted I used the last one
SPQR: Gaul - War Dogs

I have 3 handlers left over that I do not need.
If you are UK based I can post them to you if you want them

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I very much appreciate the offer but im in the USA. Its a great help knowing where i can buy them here.
Maybe post some pics of the rest of your army? I like the style and am thinking of starting Northern Alliance or maybe Varangur…

I just yesterday started a thread in showcase called Frostys Northern Alliance :slight_smile:

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Thank you . :clap::clap::clap::grinning: