Alternative Dwarf Mini manufacturers

Hi All,

I am looking for a manufacturer of some better looking (than the Mantic Dwarfs) and reasonably priced minis with a consistent look - all should be heavily armoured

1H Weapons and Shields
Spears and Shields
2H Weapons
Long Rifles

Anyone have any suggestions? is on at the moment, so if you’re after things straight away probably not ideal, but a nice looking set of sculpts if they get them unlocked resins, they’re nice no rifles but decent plastics probably too lightly armoured but worth a shout

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Oathmark will sort the first three - they have a regular dwarf kit (standard chainmail type) and a heavy dwarf one in full plate - the former have hand weapons/spears, latter hand weapons/2hw. Kits are cross compatible

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I’ve picked up those oathmarks for the melee stuff.

starting to look through STL files for the rifles.

If you want cheap, check out Em4

They may not look like much, but I have seen some easy paint jobs that fix them up to look great. Also the Crossbow can be easily converted to a rife. At 25p a model, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find cheaper.

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Those look REAL familiar - like 90’s familiar.

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aye they’re the old Grenadier plastics, the metals ended up in Italy with mirliton

I’ve managed to source everything i need from various manufacturers. looking forward to putting the list on the table.

I’m coming late to the party but Avatars of War have a very nice plastic range.

Oathmark have also just launched a kickstarter to hopefully release plastic dwarf kits.

Avatars of War have really cool miniatures and in theory an alternative for all infantry units but Bullwalkers.
But it seems they are not able to produce them regularly, so you have to be lucky to get some.

Another option could be Scibor. If you like their style, you get a lot of units there.

And then there is MOM from Spain. They recently increased their dwarfen range and you can even get a Zeppelin, a giant throne or a huge axe thrower (if you remember GW Slayer engineer and his war machine).

I was not completely happy with the quality of the oathmark miniatures - especially the 2h weapon ones - i found it impossible to get some of the arms to match up on some of the weapons as the beards would get in the way.

they are also quite small - ie true 28mm - in comparison to Mantic and GW it’s very noticable.

luckily for the most part the army is oathmark. I am just thinking that the rank and file is your average dwarf citizen warrior, while the characters are the better fed ones :wink:

the scibor miniatures had the opposite problem - very large. those i am using as the better fed ones.

Problem you get is some companies do 28mm and others do 28mm heroic, while GW is basically 30+

The new mantic halflings with oathmark or alternative heads would very easily work

GW’s LotR Dwarves - probably the minis I’d build a Dwarf army around. You’d need some bits from somewhere to cover the rifles.