Alternative goreblights?

Hey, all.

Thinking about sliding in a goreblight or two into my next list. I like the Mantic model (I do have 1 painted up nicely), however I think it’s a little on the smaller size.

A couple of guys in our group call my goreblight “a dead ape” haha

Anybody have an alternative monster sculpt that they’d use for goreblights? So far, the GW Crypt horrors look the best to me.


I scratch-built one. For this monster, the sky is the limit.

Fortunately, I recorded my converting and painting process, here it is: and part 2


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Crypt horrors, zombie trolls, flesh golem type thing (reaper have a couple iirc)


I think this converted Fen Beast (old warhammer) could be a good place to start. Looks like a GW river troll conversion.

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I have two Blood Engines they are out of production now, but you can find them on fleabay and some stores have dead stock