Alternative miniatures and stand-ins

With some units lacking models (and some Mantic models…not being the greatest), what kinds of stand-in models do you use/see as viable? For example, I could see the old Rackham Cynwall models (sadly OOP :cry:) as good stand-ins for the Verdant units in the elf list for a more “civilized” and less “naturey” feel in the army as magical constructs instead of “tree people”:

Forest Shamblers

Hunters of the Wild

Battlecats Swarm
(not exactly a swarm, but two of these on a swarm base would be very suitable IMHO)

Keen on hearing people’s thoughts!

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Many of the sculpts / molds have been put back into production by what I’ve assumed is a different company, including the Cynwall line >>

And those are beautiful sculpts!

EDIT: It looks like they’re almost entirely out of stock now tho (I have ordered Confrontation stuff from these folks). I couldn’t say if they’re restocking (casting more) or were only selling off old stock? I have to assume the former, seems like a lot of work to move a handful of old Rackham metal.

Yeah I think Cadwallon sold some new old stock, sadly they’re all dried up :frowning:

Ah nevermind then, just sadness :cold_sweat:

I have one of all of these constructs. Not sure I’d want to try and rank them up though.