Alternative plastic earth elemental models?

Hi guys! I’m trying to get someone new interested in painting & the hobby in general etc.

They really like the look of these models:

And so do I tbh!

However I’m a little bit nervous about them starting out with large metal models. I’ll probably get some anyway, but it would be nice to also have some plastic ones I thought to maybe ease into the whole miniature modelling side of things…
However this is not the kind of miniatures I’m very familiar with, so I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for any models I could use for this? Cheers :smiley:


If you have access to 3D print, this one looks quite similar to the Mantic ones.

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Reaper Miniatures has some Elementals in their Bones line.

they also have some golems that would work well

the D&D DeepCuts line also have earth elementals that look pretty good.


I don’t know any way I can 3D print sadly! But thank you :slight_smile:

Tons of plastic cheap Dungeons Dragons, Wizards of the Coast minis. Wizkids . Deep cuts.

Thanks for the ideas all…

Having a look around though, I don’t think anything is close to the Mantic ones really! I guess it might be best to get those and I can just help out with the cleaning and glueing etc at first :slight_smile:

If it helps, I have mantic’s metal earth elementals and they fit together pretty well and cleaning was minimal (though I am a fan of metal and my first models were metal so take it with a grain of salt.)

I had to bend one of the bodies slightly, but I could do that with a pliers on the inner part that is hidden after glueing so not to damage the sculpt. Everything else fit pretty good. They’ll need some gap filling, to give you the idea:

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Thank you, that’s good to know & see! Very much appreciate you taking the trouble with the photo too :slight_smile:

I also started with metal minis… well, that’s almost all there was back then! haha! I think it should be ok :slight_smile:

My first minis (GW starter set at the start of the century) were plastic and they are a lot easier to deal with than metal minis. That said, metal is usually more detailed than plastic (some exceptions exist, in particular the more recent ones) and IMHO a more rewarding hobby experience.

The main difference is that you’ll have to use filler (GW’s green stuff, Millyput or any other filler) to fill the gaps. Plastic minis usually don’t have them. Also, metal minis have more mold lines which have to be removed using a file or hobby knife.

On the plus side, painting metal minis is usually easier (due to more pronounced details)


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