Alternative Salamander Corsairs?

Still planning my army out for my salamanders, and I ran into a snag. I love the idea of corsairs, but I don’t think I can justify spending 72 buckerros to make a unit of 20, much less an army themed around them to match my armada fleet!

Anyone know any good places to get flintlock pistol or musket bits, preferably with hands?Can’t find them for the life of me, and while I would be sad I don’t have the tricorn hat on every salamander I can make do.

if you don;t mind using entirely non-mantic miniatures, the lizardmen from Wargames Atlantic seem liek they’d be useful. they come with muskets, but you could either just ignore the size difference, or do some quick chopping to convert.

if you prefer conversion though, the flintloque game from alternative armies has some conversion bits. you’d have to sort out the hands yourself though.


I made mine before the mantic ones were released. See first post, last two photos. Bro's Salamanders army

I bought orcs with pirate hats from Kromlech and clipped the hats off the heads. The guns might have been from another bits company.


yea, this is pretty much exactly what I wanted. While having different sizes of lizards may be meh, knowing I can get some flintlocks makes me feel a lot better.

@FredOslow I love your army too! May steal that idea for myself if money allows, but your conversion is basically what I was thinking of doing.

Now I gotta think of a good Clan lord on fire drake, mostly thinking finding some more models on etsy to kitbash.