Always elves

Open vs closed helms: I’ve always preferred closed helmets on minis except for heroes, special characters. Part of that could be my (lack) skills painting faces.

Anyway I like the palace guard tunics vs tallspear minis and PG are all closed helmets so… more palace guard minis but with tall spears! Rah! Oh, and I saw some wfb spearman on another forum with round shields. We’ll see how that turns out.


I’m with you on faces!

It does mean you can get quite a different look for otherwise identical models with bare/open helm/closed helm - plus there are plenty of nice historic versions of the latter, that you can just stick on random fantasy stuff!

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According to the lore, spears are suppose to be the martial weapon of elves I think but the crude spears that come with tallspear minis kinda don’t fit that so I’m trying to craft them myself. So far… it looks more like a halberd but maybe if I take off the ax head it’ll be better.

And yeah… ax, not axe. Hehehe


Not finished and I still need to figure out a round shield…


Are you sure shields are needed @Nicanor? Given the spears look a little like halberds they could double as spearman or palace guard!

Thinking of dropping the ax head for a different look. I’m wanting the minis to double as tallspears and sea guard. I do have a unit of palace guard as well with the weapons that come in the package. Thinking I’ll have to replace those with these new polearms or just make the tallspears look different enough from the palace guard otherwise

Edit: well, the two year old found my box of unfinished minis so it’s headhunting time (in the carpet for those tiny buggers!)

Ah, I see. Because you are from Tex. Sure.

Shield and no Shield. I did end up dropping the ax head. Just didn’t fit I think.


I rather like the focus that having the shield gives him.

I’d go with the shield for the same reason.