Ambush sized lists

Hi all,

Trying a few Ambush lists having previously just played vanguard, deadzone and firefight. These lists are based on models I have available (or will have soon!) and are all, rather bizzarely, at 460pts, but I wanted to check

i) if the forces are balanced enough for a fun game
ii) what units people would advise to expand with. Looking to push towards 750 and then 1000pts in time.

Not played ambush or full scale KoW before, just watched a few battle reports etc. so any advice welcome!




Twilight Kin:

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Those look like decent lisys to get going.
The Impalers might be difficult to deal with, but done think it would be a problem. Hard to tell without givibg it a go, preferably a few times.

Where to take you collection from here depends on whet you’re looking for.
Do you want more rounded forces? Just more stuff?
A varied play experience for each list?

I would recommend playing a few games to see what would round things out, the obvious is upping some infantry to regiments.

KoW is quite balanced though, so going for value to get more miniatures and making a list from what you have would be a good approach.
Getting an(other) ambush box is likely a goid place to start.

For the dwarfs I would guess that you have more models already? Both ironclad a brock riders come in a box woth more than you have in your list.
To expand I would recommend getting ironwatch and maybe shieldbreakers.

Shieldbreakers are nice to have and ironwatch can be mixed with them to make rangers.
The ironwatch sprue comes with a two handed hammer (one per two models), but not arm options to weild it.
So you could dual equip ironwatch as rangers (hammer on the back) or give the hammers to modrls from the ironclad spure to make rangers without getting shieldbreakers.

Rangers look like a good unit for ambush games.
A war engine might be fun too, but I would not go for a cannon.

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I guess gradually building to 1000 but evenly between the armies is where is like to go. Having a range of units across the forces will help get experience with them.
From what you’ve said it seems i don’t need to worry too much about how I do that. I am a magpie, I quickly get distracted, hence lots of Vanguard forces!

I have other dwarves but just characters (everything in Vanguard!). I don’t have any more brock riders as i for 5 cheap off ebay, and my Ironclad are 5 from the Vanguard set with two other Dwarf models shoved on too. Good idea on rangers! Hoping for new models soon though for dwarves.

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If you’re going for 1000 points then the army boxes are good value.
It’s worth noting that ogres are easy to build up (fewer models) and can take goblins in their list.
If you build ogres and goblins up together, they can combine into a bigger force if need be.

Holding out for new dwarfs is not unreasonable.


By the limits you have the lists aren’t going to be the most balanced, but think they aren’t bad for starter forces.

Expanding lists:

Ogres - get more basic ogre warriors (build as regiments), then a more specialised unit (siege breakers?) and a bunch of red goblins isn’t a bad shout?

Goblins - more goblins! Trolls, cavalry and war machines are good options.

Dwarfs - going Imperial or Free? As @DarkBlack said, a mix of infantry and xbowmen can make rangers.

TK - I’d get more basic elves initially, plus possibly some mutants and a box of boats. A NS ambush box would come in handy and is good value?


So I think you’re right on Ogres - planning on the ambush set next, which has some goblins too. Id love to have a goblin army but there would just be so many models to paint and I’m slow :frowning:

Dwarves will be imperial at the moment, I’ll be waiting for new models I think though, as ogres and a few goblins will take long enough.

Twighlight kin are my son’s, so I’ll see what he fancies once he’s painted up the Ambush starter. NS Ambush box is not a bad idea, but he doesn’t know that I’ve got the Dungeon saga origins kickstarter coming, with some nasty elves in that set!