An Elemental Army

I’ve created a separate thread on this as I find the idea of an elemental force interesting. I’ve been mulling over a list but @Boss_Salvage beat me to it!


A pure 4 elements force has always been tempting, maybe once I finish the 6 armies I have at the moment.


I think an elemental force would be comparatively quick to paint as well!


Most certainly, aside from the price barrier I think the biggest drawback would be the force feeling a bit ‘samey’.

Mark G:

You’d have a lot of large infantry! You could include Forest Shamblers and possibly ally in Ice Elementals.

There would be a lot of different speeds which would be interesting. Lots of Surge could liven it up.


Somebody on another forum asked about making a Forces of Nature with all the elementals, and I came up with this list:

Water Elementals (Horde) 220
Earth Elementals (Horde) 220
Fire Elementals (Horde) 220
Air Elementals (Horde) 220
Forest Shamblers (Regiment) 120
Forest Shamblers (Regiment) 120
Greater Earth Elemental 230
Greater Water Elemental 180
Greater Air Elemental 180
Greater Fire Elemental 175
Tree Herder 260
– Healing Brew 5
Druid 65
– Surge (4) 10
Druid 65
– Surge (4) 10
2300 Points

Looks pretty fun to me, and loads of variety!


I was thinking you could ally in a horde & regiment of Ice Elementals with an Ice-Queen for a bit of shooting and added variety.

If I was building this, I probably wouldn’t take a horde of everything and every greater elemental. I’d probably only go for the Greater Earth and Air with Windblast.


My take on the Elemental List was:

3x Earth Elemental Horde
2x Fire Elemental Regiment
2x Air Elemental Regiment
2x Water Elemental Regiment
2x Beast of Nature with Noxious Mist
2x Druid with Bane Chant & Surge

1960 Points

Overall I would say this is the easiest to paint as well as cheapest army to start if you are into modelling (so just get some Milliput and Acrylic Paste)

I would probably take the Earth Elementals as regiments to use as anvils, trusting their def of 6. Then Fire and Water in a horde with items to make them hittier, perhaps Air with the Hammer of Measured Force/Brew of Strength.

Not sure I’d permit myself the BoN!

Sorry to jump that elemental gun on ya :wink:

My goal with the list was to stick to FoN and add 1+ of each elemental entry, including the greaters. My initial version had a forest warden + Wiltfather upgrade in place of the double druids, but I felt they didn’t buck the theme too harshly, and when I make elemental lists I tend to like a sort of mortal caster or two to anchor the force narratively. Also I needed more surge for grabbing the occasional lucky flank - and inspiring!

It would be neat to include some ice elementals as well, just to round things out, but I rarely think about allies and also had all my points eaten up by the hordes + greaters. Using regiments could work, tho again I needed unlocks for greaters.

A quick first draft at 2000pts! (Edit: Thought that was too easy - missed out the two regiments of Earth Elementals I wanted to take!)

Definitely a work in progress, especially the items and character load out! The list is only 1990pts.

I’m not sure on the mix of heal, surge & bane chant. And whether to add in the items that make these spells better!

I also wonder if with Me3 , you could take a horde of Air Elementals and make them hit harder with items & BC?

I ended up accidentally building up a heavily elemental army because I always like to spend $5-$10 at my FLGS every time we game there. The Pathfinder Deep Cuts elementals are decent and dirt cheap and happened to be useful in a particular D&D campaign I ran. From there it morphed into a KoW army… The Deep Cuts mono-pose is a problem, but can be addressed with posing, painting/flocking, filler/multi bases, and potentially hot water bending.

Only ran them a couple times but I really liked Earth Elemental regiments - great anvils for the cost that are easy to underestimate.

Air Elementals have been disappointing unless as a horde with Brew of Strength and careful flanking shenanigans.

Never thought to ally in Ice Elementals. That does make it a very cool idea.

IfnI were to do such a thing I would most certainly do a horde of each of the Elementals.

They’re just cool.

But they also give you the possibility of shooting and surging, with a decent ranged attack. V useful if someone is messing around in the back line.

Here’s another take from me, dropping the verdant pretenders to add ice elementals:

Earth Elementals (Horde) 220
Water Elementals (Horde) 220
Fire Elementals (Horde) 220
Air Elementals (Horde) 220
Greater Earth Elemental 230
Greater Water Elemental 180
Greater Air Elemental 180
Greater Fire Elemental 175
Unicorn 120
– Lightning Bolt (5) 20
– Upgrade with Wings 25
Druid 65
– Bane Chant (2) 20
– Lightning Bolt (2) 10
– Surge (4) 10
Druid 65
– Bane Chant (2) 20
– Surge (4) 10
Ice Elementals (Regiment) 145
Ice Elementals (Regiment) 145

Total Unit Strength: 20
Total Units: 13
Target Points: 2300
Core (Target%): 2010 (87.4%)
Ally (Target%): 290 (12.6%)
Current Points (Core + Ally): 2300

I also continued to focus on units over unit upgrades, tho the support crew is pretty decent between Heal (9), LB (7), Surge (8). The ice lads are doing thicc shooty chaff duty.

I broke up the monopose with a bigger Reaper Bones model. The air, earth, and water elementals have a different pose for the Pathfinder and the Nolzur’s line, so it’s not so bad


I picked up this guy from Pathfinder Deepcuts (not a bargin though as he was sold out in the UK). I think he will complement the Mantic Earth Elementals nicely.

After relistening to a Talking Tactics on the KoW Worldwide podcast, I was sold on the idea of just enough for anvil units. Hence the regiments for Earth Elementals.

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Yes, I’m wondering about dropping the Forest Shamblers, not because they’re bad but to free up points for elementals.

If I built this, I’d probably go for two regiments of everything so that I could take a horde of each type if I wanted too. Then I could play around with the list, but visually there would be a balance of the elements.

I would probably ‘permit’ myself the unicorn but then not take it as it doesn’t have Surge.

I did exactly that, just touched up some of the crystals and added snow.


Slightly different question - if you were going to take an elemental detachment as allies, what would you take?

Or in lists that permit them already (I already have a verdant/tree detachment for multiple armies)?