An overview of YouTube Battle Report creators

There are a ton of good KoW YouTube battle report channels. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone compile and give you a quick rundown of them, so I’ll take a stab at summarizing and give you some of the pros and cons.

4up Gaming ( Most episodes are 30-45 mins. I’d describe the hosts as giving off the vibe of woodsmen bros who like chugging beer and playing wargames. Production quality is pretty high, and I find the banter to be hilarious (though they get occasional comments complaining). They don’t take themselves too seriously.

Andy2d6 ( If you’re looking for a sarcastic person from the UK, this is the channel for you. There’s a large mix of wargaming content with the occasional KoW tournament report thrown in. He summarizes a lot of info quickly and includes some degree of strategic analysis and tactical advice.

Couple of Dabblers ( This channel is half KoW and half knitting (I think–I don’t watch the non-KoW stuff). Battle reports can run a bit long (upwards of an hour). He has a beautifully painted abyssal army that pops with color, and I find his discussion of what he’s thinking and doing to be insightful. The pics are a little overexposed, which can be a headache to watch for too long, but in general I really enjoy his content.

Creaky Gamers ( Do you love halflings? Do you like narrative play? If so, check this out. Episodes run 45-60 minutes, and the production quality is very high.

Dash28 ( Dash28 is probably the go-to site for KoW content. This channel has regular UB games with commentators providing live commentary. If you have 2-3 hours to commit to watching, it’s fascinating and insightful–definitely the best analysis of strategic thinking. That said, it’s a LONG commitment to watch these videos.

Death by Dragons ( Steve plays incredibly beautiful armies. The individual game reports aren’t too long, and his infectious enthusiasm makes me laugh and engage every time. Does he remember what turn it is? Rarely. Does he have any idea who charged whom or why? Often not. Is it must-watch KoW content regardless? For sure. He’s arguably my favorite KoW creator out there, and I absolutely love his whimsical take on KoW.

Lazy Pirate Painting ( Do you find yourself with 10 minutes to kill? Then watch these battle reports. They’re quick and to the point. Pretty armies battling each other rapid-fire.

Master Crafted ( The OG of KoW battle reports. They don’t put out as much content as they used to, but what they do put out is always high-quality.

Newbie Dice ( Page has slowed down a bit with family additions, but what I appreciate most is that he’s a natural teacher. He talks through what he’s doing and why, then breaks it down afterwards with takeaways to improve your play. It’s UB-based, so if you enjoy seeing pretty armies, this isn’t the channel for you. But if you’re looking for sound advice to improve, this is a must-watch.

Randy Atchley ( What I love most about this channel is the massive variety of content. He owns about 100 armies (give or take) and fights them against each other. The lists are not fine-tuned tournament lists, but if you like variety, this is a great channel. He’s just a very likeable guy (or internet persona, I guess).

Victoria Wargaming ( The setup is clear, with a dice cam, and the hosts do a great job walking you through what they’re doing. If you don’t know how to play and want to brush up on the rules, this is great content. The reports can run a bit long, so I view this as similar to watching golf–a great thing to have on in the background while I’m doing other stuff, then pop in and pay close attention for a few minutes.

Visibly Riley ( A large set (pushing 100) of 50-minute battle reports. You see a ton of different armies, which is nice, and the host deals out tips as he’s playing. It helps that he’s a high-caliber player, so you can rely on the advice he’s giving out. I love watching it.


A good article.
I’d like to add On Table Top
and Guerrilla Miniature Games as they are both worthy to watch.

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Watch VWG videos while hobbying!

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Thanks! Gotta watch some vids to get me inspired to play more games. Gotta finish my sallies up!

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