Another new player asking questions?

Hi, long time wargamer.
Trying out KoW for the first time, starting new with 3rd edition.
I’m going to re base a Knight style army that currently has big round bases.
I suppose it’s very similar to a GW Bretonian army.
I have rather a large trebuchet model (by MOM miniatures) and it won’t fit on a 50mm frontage base, is this ok?
I’m assuming yes, as long as I using the 50mm shooting arc.

I’ll post pictures for advice on basing. I want to use fixed multi basing.
So 15 + infantry to a regiment base.

Is this the correct section to ask this question ?



Welcome to the forum!
You are right with the trebuchet. Oversized bases are ok, as long as you use the 50mm firing arc.

On the regiments, there is a PMC (preferred model count) in the rulebook. Use at least that many models on a multibase and you should be fine, even on official tournament level. For beer and pretzel games, you are free to go of course.

I moved your post into the rules category, btw.

Hi Timmy,

It sure is. Welcome on the forum! I too love cavalry armies, so I made one some time ago. Unlike many, my brotherhood army is not made of GW Bretonnian models, but GW empire knights.

As the previous poster mentioned: as long as your 50 mm “frontage” is clear, war machines may be oversized. So enjoy your trebuchet!

Multibasing is the great modelling opportunity in Kings of War. I love it. I made a tutorial once,here’s the link:

Multibasing cavalry is a bit of a thing, as I hardly get 8 GW cavary models on 125x100 mm. It’s easier with other (i.e. Perry) miniatures. GW horses are just so big… I managed by doing 7 horses on a multibase, so there’s room for a formation.

Anyhow, I wrote a blog post on multibasing cavalry (under 2nd edition rules). Here’s the link:

Any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Thanks guys.
I wouldn’t say I’ve got a cavalry army, quite a mix really.

3 X Regiments of infantry spear
1 X Troop of longbow
1 X big catapult!
Plus Characters.

Cavalry I’m not sure about?
I’ve enough to make a regiment or 2 troops each of,
Scout bowmen
Maybe I should base them all as troops which gives me options?

In V2 easy army, if I add artefacts I can stretch it to 1500pts
Not sure in V3.
But I figured, play a couple of 1500pt games, get the feel for it, and I’ll know what to add to get up to tournament spec?

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You can get some basing/ideas here:

It won’t be known until the second book drops in December quite what the human armies will look like, but combined arms (mix of infantry, shooting, cav, artillery etc) is likely to be the best option - since the KoM list won’t be dominant in any one area

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I did for most of my infantry. A horde that can be split up into two regiments and four troops gives all the flexibility needed. Here’s some of mine: Only for my spears I kept to regiments, as I can’t imagine why I would use a troop of phalanx troops.

As for cavalry, I find it hard to multibase into troops as the 100*50mm footprint is a bit too small to do so conveniently. I succeeded with my regiments of knights by playing with elevation:

Finally, 1,500 points is a good way to start. I’d finalise as soon as Uncharted Empires drops and the army lists for Kingdoms of Men, Brotherhood and League of Rhordia are revealed. Your army can most likely be upgraded tot 2k by a few characters (be it on monster or individual) . Reaper bones griffons are dirt cheap and a pair of these guys made good additions to most human-esque armies in KoW2; this will probably remain the samen in KoW3.

Really good help, many thanks.
Promise I’ll post pictures of my rebasing.
Just got to finish some WWII figures etc, first.