Another shamble question

A unit that shambles AND has the Fly ability can fly at the double correct?

Shambling is a “ground effect” of the unit when. So is activated when it is moving on the ground and or is wavered when it has lost the ability to fly… is that correct?


A unit with Shambling cannot receive an At the Double movement order. Fly has no effect on this.

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thanks for the quick response… just so I am clear on this a Wrights unit can not move on the ground at the double but would still be able to fly 14 inches (twice its 7 in movement) right?

You’re welcome! The Wights could only move twice its movement value if it received an At the Double movement order which it cannot because Shambling prevents the unit from receiving that order type.

ahhhhh… ahhhhh… well Bollix! :slight_smile: ok then will need new strategy back to the drawing board lol Thanks again cheers

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You’re welcome! There’s no cap on how far they can be Surged though. :sunglasses:

The main benefit to shambling flyers is the Nimble rule which gives them the ability to do an extra pivot during their move. (Two instead of one)
This can make some nice positioning before a surge.

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And just to clarify (as this can also throw people) having Shambler doesn’t effect how far you can charge, or how far you can (if you also have the rule) Scout.

Also note that Fly has no effect when being surged (so you can fly over a unit in the movement phase, but you can’t be Surged over one).

Fly doesn’t default come with Nimble any more - you need to have both rules to do that.

Thanks for the quick reply

So…Keeping that in mind:

If I flew some wrights to a point where I would be on the side/rear of a enemy unit - then pivot 90 or 180 degree… then surge… which caused contact… that would constitute a charge… even tho at beginning of movement I could not see that side/rear right?



And would that also mean I could shamble forward then surge enough that I am behind the enemy line… then pivot 180 - THEN surge again to contact and charge, receiving the triple damage bonus?

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Yes, it counts as a charge when the Surge connects. No matter what you could see in the move phase earlier.

Pivot after surge: Surge is in the Shoot Phase, so you would have passed the point of using your move/pivots (which happen in the Move phase)

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This is from the FAQ/errata which may also help.

Q: When a unit is Surged but contact is made against a
corner of an enemy unit and not an edge, which of the
target unit’s arcs is considered to have been charged?
A: If you can see this is going to happen, determine
which arc of the target unit the leader point of the
surging unit is in before it moves. That is then the side
the surging unit will align to and attack. This is only the
case when the surging unit hits a corner, otherwise the
normal surge rules apply.

@FredOslow : But Flying no longer includes Nimble. Wights are not Nimble.
(Wights are still awesome, though!)

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Oh crap. I stand corrected. :sweat_smile: The wraiths are nimble but not the Wights.

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