Anti-Flyer tactics

There used to be a good article on dealing with Flyers on the Mantic forums. Does anyone know if there is another copy out there somewhere

I have no idea about the article, but my solution has been to have a few troops in the backline.

I recall such article on the old (official Mantic) forum. If I remember correctly it was written either by Dan King or Nick Williams, I guess you may try to contact them somehow.

However, the article was written at the time the flyers could still keep Fly even when disordered, so there are more strategies to counter flyers nowadays. To put it very briefly, you can:

  • run mounted (mighty/melee) individuals able to put a wound on the flyer to disorder them if they get behind your lines
  • do not give them space to charge the units behind your front line
  • keep some units in reserve (second line) far enough, so they cannot be charged by the flyers but would charge the flyer if it lands behind your first line
  • armies with surgeable units should have no problem to protect their back or flank

As a Basilean player I’m thinking two main options for me - some cheapish mounted combat heroes to ground them (Chaplins or maybe high paladins) or an Ur Elohi to counter deploy. I’ve no models for sisterhood on panthers. but they could be a good 2nd rank as they are nimble

Just tagging on the end of this topic… when a unit with fly is disordered and loses fly, can it still move its full speed? I’m assuming it then has to treat blocking terrain and enemies as every other unit normally does.

Correct, the unit moves exactly as if it did not have Fly (and Nimble), keeping its movement characteristics.


Does an individual with the fly special rule also lose nimble when disordered?

Yes. In the 3ed the Fly and Nimble abilities are treated separately, but the nimble flyers still lose both when disordered. However, do note that if a non-flying unit with Nimble is disordered it keeps the ability as far as the disordering unit does not have Phalanx or Ensnare.

Would the individual still have the free pivot before their normal movement order?

I’m just imagining a scenario where a flying individual is charged and becomes disordered, but then wishes to charge a different unit, behind itself for example (as long as there is no blocking terrain etc.). Would LOS and it’s “front facing” come into play here?

Sure, this has nothing to do with Fly or Nimble. The individuals get their “free pivot” (before their movement) even when disordered.