Any balance feedback yet?

I haven’t gotten any games in yet, but I’m hoping the spring will allow for some nice outdoor play. I’m curious how ship balance has felt so far - my initial impressions were that the cheap medium ships like the Gur Panther and Blood Runner were insanely good value, but it’s really tough to mathhammer things like turning angle and the value of close quarters weapons. Plus, I haven’t yet seen a main battle ship cheaper than 30 points, so it could very well be that support slots are very valuable but limited.

On top of that, it’s going to be tough to experiment with weird skews because of the starter/booster sales model, though to be clear I think it’s a good model - retail stocking is challenging enough without huge SKU bloat. I expect Kingdoms of Men will have more swarms, simply because it’s easy to buy lots of frigates and brigs!

Anyway, I’d love to hear feedback, especially as it relates to internal balance within factions.

Can’t comment on a game play front, as haven’t played yet(!), but couple of points from review of rules and list building.

The Support ships are good value stats-wise, but as you comment, the fleet building restriction can limit getting them on the table.

Concentration of fire - given how the rules look like working, the firepower that a correctly placed large ship (and forthcoming xl ones) can bring to bear looks nasty. A broadside, esp at close range (let alone crossing the T), can cripple a lighter vessel, while the return fire does comparatively little.

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Yeah, concentration of force is always a big factor in wargames, that’s a good point. It will be interesting to see how events shape up!

One of the play testers ran the Dictator (xl Basilean ship) and in one bat rep states it did over 100 damage … in a single turn :slight_smile: