Any players in Ireland?

As the title says, I am based in Connacht and looking for opponents.

There is a small group in Sligo where I am trying to get people I to the system. Would be great to get some more players.

Not on Facebook? Pretty sure there is a Kings of War Ireland group there.

Would you be able to link to the Kings of War Ireland facebook page? I’ve looked for it before, but never found it. I’m in the south east, so not likely to get a game in with someone from Connacht unfortunately. However if either of you find out about any events in Ireland, I’d like to see if I could attend.


South East Ireland is a bit of a journey. I’m no longer on FB so won’t be able to check it for events. Here in Sligo we do have semi-regular games days, 10am till 12pm/1am for €10.

I can keep you posted on when the games days are, if you ever feel like coming up. Likewise if there are any events down your end, let me know and I’m sure I can get a few people to come down and play.

That sounds great. We are pretty much on opposite ends of the country, but I’ll definitely see if I can make it some time.

It seems there is an event in Wexford either late December or early Janurary. I’ll let you know when its confirmed, and what its about.

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